Want some inspiration? Try translating these stories:

Fred opened his eyes early one morning, and felt an ache in his head. Was it the beer he had drunk in the pub the night before? Or perhaps it was the wine. Either way, his mouth felt dry, his legs felt tired and his face was pale.

Once upon a time, there was a poor boy called Dick Whittington. The people in his village believed that the streets of London were paved with gold. So Dick decided to travel there and become a rich man. Dick walked for many a day, but when he arrived in London there were no streets of gold! Tired and hungry, he fell asleep on the steps of a great house. The house belonged to a rich businessman who found Dick and gave him a job cleaning the kitchen. Dick worked very hard and was happy. He had enough to eat and at night he could sleep by the fire. There was a problem though! At night, rats ran around the kitchen and kept him awake. So Dick went out and found the fastest rat-catching cat in London! The cat caught all the rats that came into the house and Dick could sleep at night.