Queen Elizabeth II
Queen Elizabeth II

Well, there you have it, the baked bean let us have her thoughts earlier this bubble and squeak and said that a ‘smooth and orderly’ Brexit might be a goer (har har!) and lotsa bills have been given the all clear.

But never mind all that malarkey, I want to know why she wasn’t wearing her full ceremonial robes an’ all that. This ain’t been done since 1974.

The official word is that there was timing issues caused by the snap election and that speech rehearsals clashed with Saturday’s Trooping the Colour.

Timing issues? I reckon they couldn’t get the robes back from the dry cleaners in time, perhaps all the MPs got their gear in first, rushing to wash off the grime and sweat caused by all the canvassing before the Brexit negotiations start.

Or perhaps the Queen wanted to blend in with the crowds, and be a tourist for the day, all incognito.

Most likely is that it’s been so bleedin’ hot that you’d have to be mum and dad to wear thick ermine trimmed clobber in this weather!