Berkeley Hunt Cockney Rhyming Slang

Berkeley Hunt is cockney rhyming slang for cunt

Almost always shortened to just berk.

The most common form of this slang is Berkshire Hunt, but Berkeley Hunt is the most likely original candidate because the Berkeley Hunt (pack of foxhounds) was formed in the 1700s and still exists in 2023.

The Berkeley Hunt’s is said to have been, in its (18th century) day, one of the largest and most important the world has ever known.¬†Hounds have been kept at¬†Berkeley Castle¬†since the 12th century, at first to hunt the¬†stag¬†and the¬†buck, and since the 18th century, to hunt the¬†fox. The Berkeley family of Berkeley Castle (which lost its titles of¬†Baron Berkeley¬†and¬†Earl of Berkeley¬†in 1882 and 1942 respectively) still owns the Berkeley hounds and the kennels.


Submitted by two excellent peeps: K.Sandell and Steve White .

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