Cyril Sneer Cockney Rhyming Slang

Cyril Sneer is cockney rhyming slang for gear as in weed

💬 “Got any Cyril son?

Cyril Sneer is a fictional character from the animated television series “The Raccoons.” The show was created by Canadian animator Kevin Gillis and first aired in 1985.

Cyril Sneer is depicted as an aardvark and serves as the main antagonist in the series. He is a wealthy and greedy industrialist who often seeks to exploit the environment for his financial gain.

The Raccoons, the main characters in the series, frequently oppose Cyril’s schemes, promoting themes of environmentalism and conservation. “The Raccoons” gained popularity in the 1980s and is remembered for its entertaining characters and socially conscious messages.

Submitted by two excellent peeps: Anon and bobby.

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