Brass Cockney Rhyming Slang

Brass is cockney rhyming slang for prostitute

Why do we say brass to mean prostitute?

The origins of brass, meaning prostitute, are difficult to pin down. Over the years many readers have said that their own definition of brass is correct. Some of the theories include:

Brass door = whore.

Brass nail = tail. Tail, meaning prostitute. Submitted by readers Dave39 and TOG, and also to be found as definitions around the web.

Brass hook. Shortened to hooker. This seems more plausible than brass door.

Brass flute = prostitute. This was submitted by readers Anthony Perham, Dark_Poet and Dave Whitehouse. This has been overwhelmingly voted as classic cockney rhyming slang. It seems plausible although flutes are not usually made from brass, flutes are made from gold, silver, platinum or nickel.

Brass rubber = scrubber. This suggestion from reader Terence is an excellent one. A brass rubber has connotations of contraceptives and well as amusing nod to goings on in churches. A variant of this, brass and rubber was submitted by reader Steve Gidds.

An anonymous reader submitted beggar boy’s arse as “old cockney for prostitute”.

Submitted by the following 4 peeps:

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