Alf Garnett Cockney Rhyming Slang

Alf Garnett is cockney rhyming slang for hair

Man with big hair

💬 “Been in the barbers to get something done about me Alf Garnett

Double Slang. Alf Garnett is a rhyme for Barnet (from Barnet Fair). Barnet Fair is in turn slang for hair.

See also Aris for more Double Slang.

Alf Garnett was a famous Cockney character in the British sitcoms Till Death Do Us Part, and In Sickness and In Health, played by Warren Mitchell.

Alf Garnett was a misanthropic, small-time racist, thwarted by the world changing around him.

Because he was completely bald, it’s no wonder that his name became rhyming slang for hair.

Submitted by two excellent peeps: Anon and Monique.

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