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Cockney Rhyming Slang Letter S

Saddam Hussein More about Saddam Hussein Insane
You must be Saddam Hussein

Sage and onion More about Sage and onion Bunion

Saladore Dali More about Saladore Dali Charlie (Cocaine)

Salford Docks More about Salford Docks Rocks

Salmon and Trout More about Salmon and Trout
Snout (cigarette)

Salmon and Trout More about Salmon and Trout
Snout (cigarette)
I'm having a salmon

Salmon and Trout More about Salmon and Trout
Stout (beer)

Salmon and Trout More about Salmon and Trout
How's your salmon

Salvador Dali More about Salvador Dali Charlie (cocaine)

Salvation Army More about Salvation Army Barmy
Gawd you gotta be Salvation Army.

Samantha Mumba More about Samantha Mumba Number

Sampa Brazilian More about Sampa Brazilian Civilian
Hey. No sweat, I`m only a Sampa, mate.

San Bruno More about San Bruno Pruno (prison liquor)
That bloke is brewing San Bruno in his cell!

San Toy More about San Toy Boy

Sandy Lyle More about Sandy Lyle
I like your Sandy Lyle

Sandy Lyle More about Sandy Lyle
Put a Sandy on your Boat

Sandy McNabs More about Sandy McNabs Crabs
I've got the old Sandy McNabs

Santa's Grotto More about Santa's Grotto Blotto (drunk)

Sara cox More about Sara cox Socks
Ere fella, you seen me Sara's?

Saucepan Lid More about Saucepan Lid

Saucepan Lid More about Saucepan Lid

Sausage and Mash More about Sausage and Mash
Slash (urinate)
Just going for sausage and mash

Sausage and Mash More about Sausage and Mash

Sausage and Mash More about Sausage and Mash

Sausage Roll More about Sausage Roll
Dole (welfare)

Sausage Roll More about Sausage Roll

Scapa Flow More about Scapa Flow Go
We better scapa!

Schindlers List More about Schindlers List
I've twisted me Schindlers

Scooby Doo More about Scooby Doo
You haven't got a Scooby Doo

Scooby Doo More about Scooby Doo
'aven't got a Scooby mate

Score More about Score
20 pounds
Come on love, it's only a Score!

Scotch Eggs More about Scotch Eggs Legs

Scotch Peg More about Scotch Peg Egg

Scotch Pegs More about Scotch Pegs Legs

Scratch ' N ' Sniff More about Scratch ' N '  Sniff Spliff

Scratch Yer Head More about Scratch Yer Head Bed

Screaming Lord Sutch More about Screaming Lord Sutch Crutch
'e kicked 'im right in the Screaming Lord Sutch

Sean Bean More about Sean Bean Mean
Stop being so Sean Bean and get a round in!

Sean Ryder More about Sean Ryder Cider
I'll 'ave a pint of Sean Ryder

Sebs More about Sebs Toes (from Seb Coes)
Have it on your Sebs

Selina Scott More about Selina Scott Spot
That's a nasty Selina you've got there

Septic Tank More about Septic Tank Yank

Sexton Blake More about Sexton Blake

Sexton Blake More about Sexton Blake

Sexton Blake More about Sexton Blake

Shabba Ranks More about Shabba Ranks Thanks
shabba ranks for your help claire!

Shake and Shiver More about Shake and Shiver River

Shaken Not Stirred More about Shaken Not Stirred Bird
Have a butchers at that shaken not stirred

Shakin Stevens More about Shakin Stevens Evens
What price was that horse?

Sharone Stone More about Sharone Stone Phone
No worries china give us buzz on the Sharon.

Shawshank Redemption More about Shawshank Redemption Pension

Sheffield United More about Sheffield United Excited
Calm down, don't get too Sheffield!

Shepherd's Plaid More about Shepherd's Plaid Bad

Sherbet Dab More about Sherbet Dab Cab (taxi)

Sherbet Dip More about Sherbet Dip Kip
I need some Sherbet Dip.

Shetland Isles More about Shetland Isles Piles

Ship Full Sail More about Ship Full Sail Pint of Ale
Let's have a Ship.

Shovel and Pick More about Shovel and Pick Nick (prison)

Shovel and Spade More about Shovel and Spade Blade
Got a spare Shovel? Gotta 'ave a Dig.

Sigourney Weaver More about Sigourney Weaver Beaver

Simon Cowell More about Simon Cowell Towel
I'm going down to the beach, lay on me old Simon and catch me some rays.

Simon Schamas More about Simon Schamas Pyjamas
Me grandad's only gone down the quack's in his Simons

Sinbad the Sailor More about Sinbad the Sailor Tailor

Sistine Chapel More about Sistine Chapel Apple
That Sistine looks Obie Trice.

Six and Eight More about Six and Eight State

Skein of Thread More about Skein of Thread Bed

Skin and Blister More about Skin and Blister Sister

Sky Diver More about Sky Diver Fiver (five pounds)

Sky Rocket More about Sky Rocket Pocket

Slander and Libel More about Slander and Libel Bible
Slander and Libel, I don't Adam and Eve it!

Slice Pan More about Slice Pan Van

Slippery Slope More about Slippery Slope Dope
I'm gonna get on the Slippery Slope....

Slits in A Dress More about Slits in A Dress Mess

Small Geezers More about Small Geezers Malteasers
Go down the frog and toad & get me a packet of small geezers.

Smash and Grab More about Smash and Grab
I'm off down the pub, I'll get a smash home

Smash and grab More about Smash and grab
Come out the station and waited for a smash

Smoke Screen More about Smoke Screen Queen

Snow and Slush More about Snow and Slush Flush

Sock and Blister More about Sock and Blister Sister

Sol Campbell More about Sol Campbell
Just going for a bit of a Sol Campbell

Sol campbell More about Sol campbell
Coming for a Sol Campbell

Son and Daughter'd More about Son and Daughter'd Slaughtered

Sooty And Sweep More about Sooty And Sweep Sleep
I could do with some Soot.

Sorry and Sad More about Sorry and Sad Bad

Soup and Gravy More about Soup and Gravy Navy

Sov More about Sov Pound (currency)

Space Hopper More about Space Hopper Copper
There goes a Space Hopper.

Spanish Archer More about Spanish Archer Elbow

Spanish Onion More about Spanish Onion Bunion

Spanish Waiter More about Spanish Waiter
Go down the greengrocers and buy a dozen nice Spanish Waiters.

Spanish Waiter More about Spanish Waiter
See ya' later
Spanish Waiter darlin!

Spark Plugs More about Spark Plugs Drugs

Speckled Hen More about Speckled Hen Ten (£10)
Lend us a Speckled son.

Spiders and Bugs More about Spiders and Bugs Thugs

Spider's web More about Spider's web Pleb

Sportsman's Bet More about Sportsman's Bet Internet
He spends a lot of time on the Sportsman's .

Spotty Dog More about Spotty Dog Bog (toilet)
I just need to pop into the Spotty.

Sprarsy Anna More about Sprarsy Anna Tanner (sixpence)

Spuds More about Spuds Cold (derived from Potatoes in the Mould)
It's spuds tonight!

Squid More about Squid Quid (£1)
Have you got a Squid.

Stamford Bridge More about Stamford Bridge Fridge
Get us a beer out the Stamford.

Stand At Ease More about Stand At Ease Cheese

Stars & Garters More about Stars & Garters Tomatoes
Sling some Stars on that breakfast, mate.

Star's Nap More about Star's Nap Tap (borrow)

Starsky and Hutch More about Starsky and Hutch Clutch

Steak and Kidney Pie More about Steak and Kidney Pie Fly

Steam Tug More about Steam Tug Mug (fool)

Steely Dan More about Steely Dan Tan

Steffi Graf More about Steffi Graf Laugh
He's 'aving a Steffi Graf, right?

Steve Claridge More about Steve Claridge Garage

Steve McQueen's More about Steve McQueen's Jeans

Stevey Bould More about Stevey Bould Cold

Stevie Nicks More about Stevie Nicks Flicks
What's on a the Stevie this week?

Stevie Wonder More about Stevie Wonder Chunder (Be sick)
I can feel a Stevie coming on.

Stewart Granger More about Stewart Granger Danger
Any Stewart of getting served?

Stewed Prune More about Stewed Prune Tune

Stick of Glue More about Stick of Glue Jew

Sticks and Stones More about Sticks and Stones Bones

Sticky Toffee More about Sticky Toffee Coffee

Stinging Nettle More about Stinging Nettle Kettle
Put the stinger on

Stirling Moss More about Stirling Moss Toss
I don't give a stirling mate

Stock Market Crash More about Stock Market Crash Slash; to urinate
Excuse me while I nip off for a quick Stock Market

Stoke On Trent More about Stoke On Trent
Bent (criminal)

Stop Thief More about Stop Thief Beef

Strange and Weird More about Strange and Weird Beard

Strawberry Rhone More about Strawberry Rhone Phone

Strawberry Split More about Strawberry Split Git (twit)

Strawberry Tart More about Strawberry Tart Heart
My strawberry only beats for you, treacle

Street Fighter More about Street Fighter
Pass me the Street Fighter will you?

Street Fighter More about Street Fighter
Who's got a street fighter?

String o' Beads More about String o' Beads Leeds
Gonna watch String o' beads tonight

Sue Lawley More about Sue Lawley Poorly
I'm feeling a bit Sue Lawley

Sunday Roast More about Sunday Roast Post

Sunny Dancer More about Sunny Dancer Cancer
Wot's wrong with him? 'Es got sunny dancer innee?

Supersonic More about Supersonic
Gin and tonic

Supersonic More about Supersonic

Surrey Docks More about Surrey Docks Pox

Surries (Surrey Docks) More about Surries (Surrey Docks) Pox
Stay away she's got the Surries

Swanee River More about Swanee River Liver

Sweaty Sock More about Sweaty Sock

Sweeney Todd More about Sweeney Todd Flying Squad

Swiss Roll More about Swiss Roll Pole (Polish person)

Syrup of Figs More about Syrup of Figs Wig
That's a definite syrup if ever I saw one!

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