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Cockney Rhyming Slang Letter O

Oats and Barley More about Oats and Barley Charlie (cocaine)
On the oats.

Oats's And Barley More about Oats's And Barley Charlie (coke)
Let's have a toot of ya Oats

Obediah More about Obediah Fire

Obi Wan Kenobi More about Obi Wan Kenobi Mobi (mobile phone)
Call me on me Obi Wan

Obie Trice More about Obie Trice Nice

Ocean Going Squid More about Ocean Going Squid Quid

Ocean Pearl More about Ocean Pearl Girl

Ocean Wave More about Ocean Wave Shave

Oil Lamp More about Oil Lamp Tramp

Oil Rig More about Oil Rig Wig
Look at that Oil Rig 'es wearing

Oily Rag More about Oily Rag

Old King Cole More about Old King Cole Dole
He's on the Old King Cole

Old Mother Hubbard More about Old Mother Hubbard Cupboard

Old Pot and Pan More about Old Pot and Pan Old man (father or husband)

Oliver Hardy More about Oliver Hardy Lardy
I'm too Oliver Hardy -- I'm going on a Brixton.

Oliver Twist More about Oliver Twist

Omar Riza More about Omar Riza Pizza
Give us a slice of that Omar

Omar Sharif More about Omar Sharif Grief

On the Floor More about On the Floor Poor

On Your Knees More about On Your Knees Peas

Once A Week More about Once A Week Cheek

One and t'Other More about One and t'Other Brother

One Time Looker More about One Time Looker Hooker

Ones and Twos More about Ones and Twos
Put on yer Ones and Twos, and take the dog fer a Ball of Chalk.

Onion Bhaji More about Onion Bhaji Sargy (Sargeant)
Meet our new Onion Bhaji.

Optic Nerve More about Optic Nerve Perv

Orange and Pear More about Orange and Pear Swear
Don't you Orange and Pear at me, mate!

Orange Peel More about Orange Peel Feel

Orson More about Orson Fart ('Orse and Cart)

Osama bin Laden More about Osama bin Laden
Beg your Osama

Osama Bin Laden More about Osama Bin Laden
Look at the mess of my Osama.

Oscar Asche More about Oscar Asche Cash

Oscar Wilde More about Oscar Wilde Mild
That Ruby's pretty Oscar Wilde.

Otis Redding More about Otis Redding
Head in
Oh, this is doing my Ottis Redding!

Otis Redding More about Otis Redding
Lovely Otis Redding it was

Outings and Festivals More about Outings and Festivals Testicles
Ooooh, 'e got me right in me outings!

Owen Nares More about Owen Nares Chairs

Oxford Scholar More about Oxford Scholar Dollar

Oxo Cube More about Oxo Cube Tube

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