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Cockney Rhyming Slang Letter M

Macaroni More about Macaroni 25 pounds (Pony)

Macaroni Cheese More about Macaroni Cheese Keys
Have you seen me Macaronis?

Mae West More about Mae West Best

Maggie's Den More about Maggie's Den Number Ten (Downing Street)

Major Loda More about Major Loda Soda

Major Stevens More about Major Stevens Evens (betting)

Mal Meninga More about Mal Meninga Finger

Malcolm in the Middle More about Malcolm in the Middle Piddle (urinate)
I'm going for a Malcolm, mate...

Malcolm X More about Malcolm X Text (message)
Send us a Malcolm when you get there

Malky Fraser More about Malky Fraser Razor
You're gettin a malky

Man From Cairo More about Man From Cairo Giro ( dole)
Poppin' down the post office for my Man From Cairo.

Mandy Dingle More about Mandy Dingle Single
Is that bird still mandy dingle?

Mandy Dingles More about Mandy Dingles Shingles
How are your Mandy Dingles?

Manfred Mann More about Manfred Mann Plan

Manhole Cover More about Manhole Cover Brother

Mariah Carey More about Mariah Carey Scary

Marie Correlli More about Marie Correlli Telly

Marilyn Manson More about Marilyn Manson Hansome
Your looking Marilyn Manson today

Marilyn Monroes More about Marilyn Monroes Toes

Mark Ramprakash More about Mark Ramprakash Slash (urinate)

Mars Bar More about Mars Bar Scar

Marti Pellow More about Marti Pellow Yellow
(In snooker) He's goin' for the Marti!

Martial Arts More about Martial Arts Darts

Martin Kemp More about Martin Kemp Hemp
Got any martin???

Martini More about Martini Lambourghini
Yeah, I'll ave a Lambourghini

Mary Rose More about Mary Rose Nose
Keep yer Mary outa me business mate

Master Mcgrath More about Master Mcgrath Bra

Matthew Kelly More about Matthew Kelly
"I've got a bit of Shania in me Matthew Kelly"

Matthew Kelly More about Matthew Kelly
what's on the Matthew Kelly tonight mate?

Maurice Gibb More about Maurice Gibb Fib
Oi, you tellin' a Maurice?

Me and You More about Me and You Menu

Melody Lingers More about Melody Lingers Fingers
I had to give up the violin; my Melodies were too short.

Melvyn Bragg More about Melvyn Bragg Shag

Merchant Navy More about Merchant Navy Gravy
Pass the Merchant.

Merlyn Rees More about Merlyn Rees Piece (lunch)

Meryl streep More about Meryl streep Cheap
That car is well Meryl Streep

Metric Miles More about Metric Miles Piles (hemorrhoids)

Mexican Wave More about Mexican Wave Shave
I am away to have a shower and a Mexican

Michael Caine More about Michael Caine Pain

Michael Schumachers More about Michael Schumachers Knackers (testicles)
Interestingly, Schumacher is German for Cobbler too!

Michael Winner More about Michael Winner Dinner

Mikkel Becks More about Mikkel Becks Specs (spectacles)

Mile and a Quarter More about Mile and a Quarter Daughter

Milton Keynes More about Milton Keynes Jeans

Mince Pies More about Mince Pies Eyes
Lovely pair of Minces my gal has.

Minnie Driver More about Minnie Driver Fiver
He owes me a Minnie.

Moby Dick More about Moby Dick

Molly Malone More about Molly Malone Phone

Molly O'Morgan More about Molly O'Morgan Organ

Molten Toffee More about Molten Toffee Coffee
Fancy a nice cuppa Molten.

Monkey More about Monkey
500 pounds
Could you lend me a Monkey?

Monkey Wrench More about Monkey Wrench Wench

Monkey's Tails More about Monkey's Tails Nails

Monty's Army More about Monty's Army Barmy
I'm Monty's Army over that Twist and Twirl.

Mop and Broom More about Mop and Broom Fruit of the Loom
Get yer mops on

Morecombe & Wise More about Morecombe & Wise Flies

Moriarty More about Moriarty Party

Mork and Mindy More about Mork and Mindy
It's a bit Mork and Mindy today. Nearly blew me Titfer right orf!

Mork and Mindy More about Mork and Mindy

Morning Glory More about Morning Glory Story
Let me tell you a Morning Glory.

Mother and Daughter More about Mother and Daughter Quarter

Mother Goose More about Mother Goose Loose
This wheel's a bit Mother Goose

Mother Hubbard More about Mother Hubbard Cupboard

Mother of Pearl More about Mother of Pearl Girl

Mother's Ruin More about Mother's Ruin Gin

Mozambique More about Mozambique Keek

Mrs Chant More about Mrs Chant Aunt

Mrs Duckett More about Mrs Duckett Bucket

Mum and Dad More about Mum and Dad Mad

Murray-Mint More about Murray-Mint Skint (broke)

Mushy Peas More about Mushy Peas Keys
Ohl Barry White,I've forgotten me Mushy Peas.

Muswell Hill More about Muswell Hill Bill
Can I get the Muswell mate.

Mutt and Jeff More about Mutt and Jeff Deaf
You'll have to speak up, 'e's a bit Mutton

Myleene Klass More about Myleene Klass Arse
What a Myleene!

Mystic Megs More about Mystic Megs
Have you seen the Mystics on that?

Mystic Megs More about Mystic Megs

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