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Cockney Rhyming Slang Letter I

I Suppose More about I Suppose Nose
I've got a pimple on the end of me I Suppose

Ian Beale More about Ian Beale Real
I'm keepin' it Ian Beale innit.

Ian Rush More about Ian Rush Brush

Ice Cream Freezer More about Ice Cream Freezer Geezer
Do you know Phil, the fat Ice Cream?

Ice Rink More about Ice Rink Drink
I'm going down the Battle Cruiser for a coupla Ice Rinks.

Ille Nasatse More about Ille Nasatse Khazi
Oi mate, where's your Ille?

I'm Afloat More about I'm Afloat Overcoat

In and Out More about In and Out

In and Out More about In and Out
Snout (cigarette)

In the Nude More about In the Nude Food

Inky Smudge More about Inky Smudge Judge
But the old Inky's giving me 6 months

Insects and Ants More about Insects and Ants Pants

Inspector Morse More about Inspector Morse Sauce
Got any Inspector?

Intercity More about Intercity Kitty (pot of cash)
Everyone put a lady in the Intercity

Irish Jig More about Irish Jig

Irish jig More about Irish jig
That bird's barnet must be an Irish jig.

Irish Rose More about Irish Rose Nose

Irish stew More about Irish stew True
Too Iish, me old China, too Irish !

Iron Horse More about Iron Horse Toss
Don't give an iron mate!

Iron Lung More about Iron Lung Tongue

Iron Tank More about Iron Tank

Isle of Skye More about Isle of Skye Pie
I'd like some Isle of Skye.

Isle of Wight More about Isle of Wight Right

Itchy Ring More about Itchy Ring Burger King
I right fancy an Itchy Ring

Itchy Teeth More about Itchy Teeth Beef

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