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Cockney Rhyming Slang Letter F

Faith and Hope More about Faith and Hope Soap

Fakey Ned More about Fakey Ned Bed
I'm off up the apples and pear to Fakey Ned.

False Start More about False Start Fart
Mate, I just False Started.

Far East More about Far East Priest

Farmer Giles More about Farmer Giles Piles

Farmer's Daughter More about Farmer's Daughter Quarter

Farmer's Pig More about Farmer's Pig Wig
I just bought a new Farmer's!

Fat Boy Slim More about Fat Boy Slim Gym
Goin' down the Fat Boy Slim

Father Ted More about Father Ted Dead

Fawlty Tower More about Fawlty Tower Shower
I'll just have a Fawlty Tower

Feather and Flip More about Feather and Flip

Feather and Flip More about Feather and Flip
Kip (sleep)

Feathers More about Feathers 33

Fergal Sharkeys More about Fergal Sharkeys Car keys
Can't find my Fergals anywhere!

Ferret and Stoat More about Ferret and Stoat Throat
Ooh me sore Ferret!

Fibre of Your Fabric More about Fibre of Your Fabric Loot (money)

Field of Wheat More about Field of Wheat

Field of Wheat More about Field of Wheat

Fife and Drum More about Fife and Drum Bum

Fifty Cent More about Fifty Cent Bent (homosexual)
Your mate is fifty cent

Filter Tips More about Filter Tips Lips
Not a dickie has past my filter

Fine and Dandy More about Fine and Dandy Brandy

Finger and Thumb More about Finger and Thumb

Finger and Thumb More about Finger and Thumb
My Finger and Thumb's furious with me.

Finsbury Park More about Finsbury Park Mark

Fireman's Hose More about Fireman's Hose Nose
Barry Manilow has a massive Fireman's.

Fish and Chips More about Fish and Chips Hips
Move those Fish and Chips darling.

Fish Hook More about Fish Hook Book

Fish 'n' Taters More about Fish 'n' Taters Laters
See's you fish 'n' taters mate

Fish tank More about Fish tank Bank

Fisherman's Daughter More about Fisherman's Daughter Water

Fishing Rod More about Fishing Rod PC Plod (policeman)
Watch out theres a Fishin' Rod over there.

Five to Four More about Five to Four Sure
You want £1000 for this car? Are you Five to Four mate?

Five To Two More about Five To Two Jew

Fleas and Itches More about Fleas and Itches Pictures
I'm off to the Fleas and Itches.

Fleetwood Mac More about Fleetwood Mac Back

Flight Lieutenant Biggles More about Flight Lieutenant Biggles Giggles

Flounder & Dab More about Flounder & Dab Cab
Grab a swift Flounder accross town.

Flowery Dell More about Flowery Dell Cell (prison)

Fluffy Bunny More about Fluffy Bunny Money
Look at all that Fluffy Bunny.

Fly-By-Nights More about Fly-By-Nights Tights

Foot Pump More about Foot Pump Dump

Fore and Aft More about Fore and Aft Daft

Forest Gump More about Forest Gump Dump
I'm dying for a Forest.

Fork and Knife More about Fork and Knife Wife

Forrest Gump More about Forrest Gump
I'm avin'a Forrest, leave me be.

Forsythe Saga More about Forsythe Saga Lager

Four by Two More about Four by Two
I'm busting for a Four by Two

Four Seasons More about Four Seasons Reasons

Frank and Pat More about Frank and Pat Chat
It was nice having this Frank and Pat

Frank Bough More about Frank Bough Off

Frank Skinner More about Frank Skinner Dinner
What did you have for yer Frank Skinner?

Frankie DeTory More about Frankie DeTory Story
What's the Frankie?

Frankie Howard More about Frankie Howard Coward
Anytime there's a Barney, he Scapas like a Frankie Howard

Franky Vaughan More about Franky Vaughan Porn
Watching a Franky Vaughan tonight?

Franz Klammer More about Franz Klammer Hammer
Pass me the Franz Klammer

Frasier Crane More about Frasier Crane Pain
He's a right Frasier

Frazer Nash More about Frazer Nash Slash (urinate)

Fred Astaire More about Fred Astaire
Chuck us over a Fred Astaire

Fred Astaire More about Fred Astaire
You had your Fred done?

Fred McMurray More about Fred McMurray Curry
Going for a Fred

Fred Mcmurrays More about Fred Mcmurrays Worries

Fred West More about Fred West Vest
Oi Treacle!! Pass us me Fred West!

French Egg (en ouef) More about French Egg (en ouef) Enough
I've had a french egg

French Plait More about French Plait Flat
Do you fancy coming back to my French Plait for a bevi?

Friar Tuck More about Friar Tuck

Fridge Freezer More about Fridge Freezer Geezer

Frog and Toad More about Frog and Toad Road

Fruit (Gum) More about Fruit (Gum) Chum
Alright me old Fruit?

Fruit and Nuts More about Fruit and Nuts Guts
I've copped it in the Fruit and Nuts

Funk Soul Brother More about Funk Soul Brother Lover
Leave off mate that's me funk soul yer speakin' ter

Furry Boots More about Furry Boots Where abouts
Furry Boots you going?

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