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Cockney Rhyming Slang Letter E

Early Doors More about Early Doors
Drawers (pair of)

Early Hour More about Early Hour Flower

Early Hours More about Early Hours Flowers

Earwig More about Earwig
Twig (understand)

Easter Bunny More about Easter Bunny Funny
You think you're so bloody Easter Bunny

Easy Rider More about Easy Rider Cider

Eddie Grundies More about Eddie Grundies Undies
Where's me grundies?

Eddy Grant More about Eddy Grant Plant
I think there's an Eddie Grant on (while playing snooker)

Edgar Alan Poe More about Edgar Alan Poe Tow

Edgar Allen Poes More about Edgar Allen Poes Toes

Edna Everage More about Edna Everage Beverage

Efan Ekuku More about Efan Ekuku Poo

Egg Yoke More about Egg Yoke Joke

Eggs and Kippers More about Eggs and Kippers Slippers
Put on your kippers and come here

Eiffel Tower More about Eiffel Tower Shower

Eighteen Pence More about Eighteen Pence Sense

Elastic Bands More about Elastic Bands Hands

Elephant's Trunk More about Elephant's Trunk
I'm going to get elephant's

Elephant's Trunk More about Elephant's Trunk

Elliot Ness More about Elliot Ness Mess

Elmer Fudd More about Elmer Fudd Spud
Pass the Elmers, please darling

Elsie Tanner More about Elsie Tanner Spanner

Elvis More about Elvis Hair on (from Aaron, as in keep your hair on)
For god's sake calm down! Keep your Elvis!

Emma Freuds More about Emma Freuds Hemorrhoids

Empire State More about Empire State Mate
Alright my old Empire!

Engineers and Stokers More about Engineers and Stokers Brokers

Errol Flynn More about Errol Flynn Chin
Land one on his Errol.

Euan Blair More about Euan Blair Leicester Square
Meet me at Euan Blair

Everton Toffee More about Everton Toffee Coffee
Let's have an Everton

Ewan McGreggor More about Ewan McGreggor Beggar

Eye Lash More about Eye Lash Slash (urinate)
Rack 'em up again, I'm just off for an Eye Lash.

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