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Cockney Rhyming Slang Letter D

Dad's Army More about Dad's Army Barmy

Daffadown Dilly More about Daffadown Dilly Silly

Daft and Barmy More about Daft and Barmy Army

Daily Mail More about Daily Mail Tale

Dairylea More about Dairylea Wee
I need a Dairylea

Daisy Dancers More about Daisy Dancers Stairs

Daisy Roots More about Daisy Roots Boots

Dame Edna Everidge More about Dame Edna Everidge Drink (beverage)
Me and the lads are off down the Rat and Parrot for a few Dame Edna's

Dame Judy Dench More about Dame Judy Dench Stench

Damian Duff More about Damian Duff Rough
That birds a bit Damian ain't she

Damien Hirst More about Damien Hirst First (class degree)
I've only gone and got a bloody Damien Hirst!

Dancing Bears More about Dancing Bears Stairs
Get up those Dancing Bears right now!

Dancing Fleas More about Dancing Fleas Keys

Dangermouse More about Dangermouse Spouse

Daniel Fergus (McGrain) More about Daniel Fergus (McGrain) Train
What time's the next Daniel Fergus?

Danny Glover More about Danny Glover Lover
How's my little Danny

Danny La Rue More about Danny La Rue Clue
You ain't got a Danny La Rue mate

Danny Marr More about Danny Marr Car

Darky Cox More about Darky Cox Box

Darren Gough More about Darren Gough Cough

Davey Crocket More about Davey Crocket Pocket
Take ya hands out ya Davey!

David Batty More about David Batty Tatty
That rags looking a little Batty

David Blaine More about David Blaine Insane
What am I doing? I must be going David Blaine!

David Gower More about David Gower Shower

David Jason More about David Jason Mason
You can tell he's a David Jason by the look of 'im

David Mellor More about David Mellor Stella (beer)

David Starkey More about David Starkey Parky (cold)
It's a bit David oot mate!

Davy Crockett More about Davy Crockett Pocket

Dawn French More about Dawn French Stench
Phew there's a Dawn French coming out of those drains today.

Dawson's Creek More about Dawson's Creek Streak
I remember Erica doing a Dawsons like it was yesterday

Day Trippers More about Day Trippers Slippers

Day's Dawning More about Day's Dawning Morning

Day's Work More about Day's Work 100

De La Soul More about De La Soul Dole

Dead Horse More about Dead Horse Sauce

Dead Loss More about Dead Loss Boss
My Dead Loss is threatening me with the Tin Tack

Deaf and Dumb More about Deaf and Dumb Bum

Deep Fat Fryer More about Deep Fat Fryer Liar
You're just a Deep Fat Fryer.

Deep Sea Diver More about Deep Sea Diver 5 pounds (fiver)

Deep Sea Glider More about Deep Sea Glider Cider

Dennis and Gnasher More about Dennis and Gnasher Badger
Oh fiddlesticks! I just ran over a dennis!!

Dental Flosser More about Dental Flosser Tosser
That geeza's a right dental flosser.

Derby Kelly More about Derby Kelly Belly

Derry and Tom More about Derry and Tom Bomb

Desmond Hackett More about Desmond Hackett Jacket

Desmond Tutu More about Desmond Tutu Two-two (degree result)

Desperate Dans More about Desperate Dans Cans (headphones)

Diamond Rocks More about Diamond Rocks Socks
Chuck us me Diamonds.

Dibs and Dabs More about Dibs and Dabs Crabs
Last time I go wiv 'er, the filthy cow 'ad a touch of the Dibs and Dabs.

Dickie Bird More about Dickie Bird Third (class degree)
I got a Dicky Bird in my degree.

Dicky Bird More about Dicky Bird Word
I'm 'aven't 'eard a Dicky Bird about it.

Dicky Dirt More about Dicky Dirt Shirt
Startin' my new job today. Better put on my best Dicky Dirt.

Didgeridoo More about Didgeridoo Clue
Sorry mate, haven't got a Didgeridoo.

Diet Coke More about Diet Coke Joke
London Transport is a Diet Coke!

Dig in the grave More about Dig in the grave Shave

Digeridoo More about Digeridoo Screw (prison office)

Ding Dong More about Ding Dong
Let's all 'av a bit of a ding dong!

Ding Dong More about Ding Dong
Give us a puff of the ding dong

Ding Dong Bell More about Ding Dong Bell Hell

Dinky Doo More about Dinky Doo Twenty two

Dinner Plate More about Dinner Plate Mate

Dirty Beast More about Dirty Beast Priest

Dirty Den More about Dirty Den

Dirty Den More about Dirty Den

Dixie Deans More about Dixie Deans Jeans

Do Me Goods More about Do Me Goods Woods (Woodbines)

Doctor Crippen More about Doctor Crippen Bread and dripping

Dodge And Swerve More about Dodge And Swerve Perv (look at girls)
Going down to the Nuclear Sub for a bit of a Dodge?

Dog and Bone More about Dog and Bone
Who's that on the Dog and Bone then?

Dog and Lead More about Dog and Lead Weed
I lost my Dog and Lead.

Dog's Eye More about Dog's Eye Meat Pie

Dog's Knob More about Dog's Knob Job

Dolly Mixtures More about Dolly Mixtures Pictures

Dome Good More about Dome Good Wood

Don Revie More about Don Revie Bevvy (drink)
Are we going for a couple of Don Revies tonight

Donald Duck More about Donald Duck

Donald Duck(ing) More about Donald Duck(ing) Clucking - When you are craving more heroin
Ee's got the Donalds really bad.

Donald Trump More about Donald Trump
Oooh I could do with a Donald Trump right now.

Donald Trump More about Donald Trump
Had a Donald Trump in the back of the car

Doner Kebab More about Doner Kebab Stab
Harry got Doner Kebebbed last night

Donkey Kong More about Donkey Kong Long
Mate, this journey's well Donkey Kong.

Donkey's Ears More about Donkey's Ears

Donkey's Ears More about Donkey's Ears

Donnie Darko More about Donnie Darko Sparko (asleep or unconscious)
The guy on the floor was totally Donnie Darko'd

Doogie Howsers More about Doogie Howsers Trousers
Nice Doogie Howsers.

Dot and Dash More about Dot and Dash Cash

Dot Cotton More about Dot Cotton Rotten
That looks absolutely Dot Cotton.

Double Dutch More about Double Dutch Crutch

Douglas Hurd More about Douglas Hurd

Down the Drains More about Down the Drains Brains

Drum and Bass More about Drum and Bass

Drum and Fife More about Drum and Fife Knife

Drum Roll More about Drum Roll Hole

Drummond and Roce More about Drummond and Roce Knife and Fork

Duane Eddies More about Duane Eddies Readies (cash)

Duchess of Fife More about Duchess of Fife Wife

Duck and Dive More about Duck and Dive

Duck and Dive More about Duck and Dive
Not going into work today. I'm Ducking and Diving.

Duck's Arse More about Duck's Arse Grass
Don't talk to him mate, he's a Duck's Arse.

Dudley Moore More about Dudley Moore Score (£20)

Dudley Moore's More about Dudley Moore's Sores

Duke of Argyles More about Duke of Argyles Piles (hemorrhoids)

Duke of Kent More about Duke of Kent

Duke of Kent More about Duke of Kent
He's a Duke

Duke Of Montrose More about Duke Of Montrose Nose
Keep your Duke right out of it ok!

Duke of Spain More about Duke of Spain Rain

Duke of York More about Duke of York
Fist (Duke of York = Fork = Fist)
Put your Dukes up

Duke of York More about Duke of York

Duke of York More about Duke of York

Duke of York More about Duke of York

Dunlop Tyre More about Dunlop Tyre Liar

Dustbin Lid More about Dustbin Lid Kid

Dusty Bin More about Dusty Bin Chin

Dwight Yorke More about Dwight Yorke Pork

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