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Cockney Rhyming Slang Letter C

Cab Rank More about Cab Rank Bank

Cabin Cruiser More about Cabin Cruiser Boozer
Went down to the Cabin Cruiser to watch the match.

Cadbury's Snack More about Cadbury's Snack Back

Cain and Abel More about Cain and Abel Table

Calcutta More about Calcutta Butter
Pass the Calcutta over here would ya please?

Callard and Bowsers More about Callard and Bowsers Trousers

Callards More about Callards Trousers

Calvin Klein More about Calvin Klein
Glass of dry white Calvin please.

Calvin Klein More about Calvin Klein
Fine (as in nice body!)
Oi Oi you're Clvin Kein!

Camel's Hump More about Camel's Hump
He's on the throne having a Camel's.

Camel's Hump More about Camel's Hump
Dump (shit)

Can of Oil More about Can of Oil Boil

Canal Boat More about Canal Boat Tote

Canary Wharf More about Canary Wharf Dwarf
He´s a Canary.

Candle Wax More about Candle Wax Tax

Cane and Abel More about Cane and Abel Table

Canterbury Tales More about Canterbury Tales Wales

Cape of Good Hope More about Cape of Good Hope Soap

Captain Cook More about Captain Cook Look

Captain Kirk More about Captain Kirk
Lot of Captains around this area.

Captain Kirk More about Captain Kirk
Can't be bothered to go to Captain Kirk, think I'll pull a Metal Mickey

Captain Kirk More about Captain Kirk

Caption Cook More about Caption Cook Book

Carpet More about Carpet 3

Carving Knife More about Carving Knife Wife

Cat and Cages More about Cat and Cages Wages

Cat and Dog More about Cat and Dog Bog

Cat and Mouse More about Cat and Mouse House

Catherine Zeta Jones More about Catherine Zeta Jones Moans
Here she goes with her Zeta Jones.

Cellar Flap More about Cellar Flap Tap (borrow)

Central Heating More about Central Heating Meeting
I just been to the Central about the new building.

Centre Half More about Centre Half Scarf
It's a bit taters I'll wear my centre half

Century More about Century
One hundred pounds

Century More about Century

C'est La Vie More about C'est La Vie Pee
Oi garcon, je require un C'est La Vie.

Chairman Mao More about Chairman Mao Cow
Look at the udders on that Chairman!

Chalfonts St. Giles More about Chalfonts St. Giles Piles (haemorrhoids)
Ooh, me Chalfonts are givin' me gyp!

Chalk Farm More about Chalk Farm Arm
'E's got one of 'is Chalk Farms in a sling.

Charing Cross More about Charing Cross Horse

Charing Crosser More about Charing Crosser Tosser

Charlie Chan More about Charlie Chan Tan

Charlie Chester More about Charlie Chester Child Molester

Charlie Drake More about Charlie Drake Steak
I'll have a well done Charlie darlin'.

Charlie Nash More about Charlie Nash Slash (urinate)

Charlie Prescot More about Charlie Prescot Waistcoat

Charlie Pride More about Charlie Pride Ride

Charlie Ronce More about Charlie Ronce Ponce

Charm and Flattery More about Charm and Flattery Battery
Yer Charm's gone flat, mate!

Chas and Dave More about Chas and Dave Shave

Cheddar Cheese More about Cheddar Cheese Keys
'Ave ya got ya Cheddars?

Cheerful Giver More about Cheerful Giver Liver

Cheese and Kisses More about Cheese and Kisses Missis

Cheese and Rice More about Cheese and Rice Jesus Christ

Cheese Rind More about Cheese Rind Four of a Kind

Cheesey Quaver More about Cheesey Quaver
Do us a cheesey quaver.

Cheesey Quaver More about Cheesey Quaver
Mate, can you do me a Cheesey Quaver?

Cheesey Quaver More about Cheesey Quaver
Back in 1989 South Mimms Services was often a meeting place for Cheesey Quavers before the M25 acid.

Cheggers Plays Pop More about Cheggers Plays Pop Shop

Chelsea Blue More about Chelsea Blue Jew
Ur a Chelsea Blue, aint u?

Cheltenham Bold More about Cheltenham Bold Cold

Cherie Blair More about Cherie Blair Penalty Fare
I jumped of the tube and got Cheried

Cherry Hogg More about Cherry Hogg Dog

Cherry Pie More about Cherry Pie Lie
U're tellin a Cherry ain't ya son!!

Cherry Ripe More about Cherry Ripe Pipe

Cheryl Crow More about Cheryl Crow Snow

Chevy Chase More about Chevy Chase Face
'E's got ketchup all over 'is Chevy Chase

Chew the fat More about Chew the fat Chat

Chicken and Rice More about Chicken and Rice Nice

Chicken Dinner More about Chicken Dinner Winner
Everyone's a Chicken Dinner.

Chicken Dipper More about Chicken Dipper Stripper
Didn't you know Julie's a Chicken Dipper now?

Chicken Dippers More about Chicken Dippers Slippers

Chicken Jalfrezi More about Chicken Jalfrezi Crazy
He's Chicken Jalfrezi.

Chicken Oriental More about Chicken Oriental
You're chicken oriental pal, you know that don't you

Chicken Oriental More about Chicken Oriental
Mental (crazy)

Chicker More about Chicker Haircut

China Plate More about China Plate Mate
Alright me old china?

Chinese Blind More about Chinese Blind Mind

Ching More about Ching 5

Chipmunks More about Chipmunks Trunks

Chips And Peas More about Chips And Peas Knees
My Chips And Peas are sore.

Chocolate Fudge More about Chocolate Fudge Judge

Chop Sticks More about Chop Sticks Six (in bingo)

Christian Ziege More about Christian Ziege Eager
'He's a bit Christian'

Christmas Crackered More about Christmas Crackered Knackered (tired)

Christmas Eve More about Christmas Eve Believe

Cilla Black More about Cilla Black Back
Gawd, me Cilla's playing up again!

Cinderella More about Cinderella Stella (beer)
I've been drinkin' Cinderellas all night

Claire Rayners More about Claire Rayners Trainers

Clark Gable More about Clark Gable Table
Put the plate on the Clark Gable

Clark Kent More about Clark Kent Bent
He's a bit Clarke Kent

Clement Freuds More about Clement Freuds Hemorrhoids

Clever Mike More about Clever Mike Bike

Clickety Click More about Clickety Click Sixty six

Clonakilty More about Clonakilty Guilty

Clothes Peg More about Clothes Peg Egg

Clothes Pegs More about Clothes Pegs Legs

Coals and Coke More about Coals and Coke Broke (financially bereft)

Coat and Badge More about Coat and Badge Cadge

Coat Hanger More about Coat Hanger Clanger (mistake)

Cock and Hen More about Cock and Hen 10
You don't get much change from a Cock and Hen for a pint of Pig's Ear in this Battle Cruiser

Cockle More about Cockle 10 pounds (tenner)

Cocoa More about Cocoa Say so

Cold Chill More about Cold Chill Old Bill (Police)
He went off with the cold chill.

Colney Hatch More about Colney Hatch Match
Got any Colneys ?

Colonel Gadaffi More about Colonel Gadaffi Cafe

Commodore More about Commodore 15 pounds
Lend us a Commodore mate.

Conan Doyle More about Conan Doyle Boil

Condoleezza Rice More about Condoleezza Rice Price
Check the Condoleezza Rice on that item

Connaught Ranger More about Connaught Ranger Stranger

Constantino Rocca More about Constantino Rocca Shocker

Cooking Fat More about Cooking Fat Cat
Don't tease the cooking fat !

Copacabana More about Copacabana Spanner

Corn Beef More about Corn Beef Teeth
I'll knock ya Corns out.

Corn On the Cob More about Corn On the Cob

Corned Beef More about Corned Beef Deef (Deaf)
Och, are ye Corned Beef or something?

Cornish Pasty More about Cornish Pasty Nasty
That's a bit Cornish Pasty aint it?

Country Cousin More about Country Cousin Dozen

Cousin Kyle More about Cousin Kyle Paedophile (from the TV series South Park)

Cow and Calf More about Cow and Calf Half (a pint)

Cow's Calf More about Cow's Calf

Cow's calf More about Cow's calf
50 pence
Lend me a Cow's Calf for my bus fare.

Cozzer's More about Cozzer's Cops

Crabs More about Crabs Doner Kebabs
That old brass gave me the Doner Kebabs.

Cream Cookie More about Cream Cookie Bookie

Cream Crackered More about Cream Crackered Knackered

Cream Crackers More about Cream Crackers Knackers
She got me right in the Cream Crackers

Cream Rice More about Cream Rice Nice
That was cream rice!

Cribbage Pegs More about Cribbage Pegs Legs
'and right through my Rank and Riches did my Cribbage Pegs burst'

Crosby, Stills and Nash More about Crosby, Stills and Nash Cash

Crown Jewels More about Crown Jewels Tools

Crust of Bread More about Crust of Bread Head

Cuddle and Kiss More about Cuddle and Kiss Miss (girl)

Cuff Link More about Cuff Link Drink
Let's go down the Rubber Dub and have a Cuff Link

Cup of tea, sausage and a slice. More about Cup of tea, sausage and a slice. Nice
He's a real cuppa geezer.

Cupid's Dart More about Cupid's Dart Fart
Oops, I just let out a little Cupid's Dart

Currant Bun More about Currant Bun

Currant Bun More about Currant Bun
Must be true cos I read it in the Currant Bun.

Currant Bun More about Currant Bun
The Sun newspaper
I read it in the Currant Bun

Currant Bun More about Currant Bun

Currant Cakey More about Currant Cakey Shaky

Cuts and Scratches More about Cuts and Scratches Matches

Cutty Sark More about Cutty Sark Loan shark

Cynthia Paine More about Cynthia Paine Rain

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