There are now upwards of 18 urban foxes per square kilometre in London! Although not as many as Bournemouth which boasts 23 per square kilometre.

Not everyone is keen on these stealthy auburn animals; with infrequent but shocking reports in the news of foxes harming BIN LIDS. Note: it’s incredibly rare for a fox to harm a child.

More likely, you’ll know they’ve been around when you find your rubbish strewn half way down the road and a few RICHARD THE THIRDS¬†peppering your front yard.

Fortunately they seem to leave the BALLS OF FAT and CHERRY HOGS alone, and since they can’t tolerate other foxes in their patch they self-regulate their population.

Humane fox deterrents are available to buy but, since they love eating rats and other nasties, perhaps keep your bin locked and NIGEL MANSELL the pest control bloke!