Has Becks dropped his Cockney roots and turned Posh? Is Becks now Posh?

Becks was born in Leytonstone, which is at the far end of the 1851 “sound of Bow Bells”, so for argument’s sake (let’s not get all silly about this) he was born a Cockney. And his accent was certainly “London” if not especially broad Cockney. Here’s a video of him talking in his early years:

Notice how Becks says he was “chuffed”, nice one!

According to a study at the University of Manchester, he’s now most likely not to drop his h’s. Previously he dropped the h 80% of the time, and now it’s down to just 20% of the time.

So let’s fast forward to Nov 2012, when Becks leaves LA Galaxy after six years, here’s another interview.

Has he gone posh? Well, his accent is slightly toned down, in fact it’s hardly “London” at all. But I think that like most other people, he changes his accent slightly depending on who he’s talking to.

What do you reckon?