So you want to impress your boo? But do it in cockney rhyming slang? Course you do. Why wouldn’t you? So here’s some inspiration. 

Turtle dove
A turtle dove yesterday

Love is turtle dove in cockney slang. But you wouldn’t say “I turtle dove you”. Because “Turtle Dove” is a noun in cockney, not a verb. You might say “You are my turtle dove”. 

If you are wondering what a “turtle dove” it’s kind of small pigeon, very rare in Britain today and endangered. But in British history and folklore, turtle doves were symbols of love and loyalty. So it’s perfectly natural that “love” should become “turtle dove” in cockney slang. 

Other sayings of interest might be: 

Pot and man – meaning “old man” – meaning male partner, husband or father.

Trouble and strife  meaning “wife”.

Otis Redding meaning wedding.

April showers meaning flowers.

Happy Valentine’s Day!