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English to Slang letter W

Wager John Major

Wager John Major
Care to put a little john major on that?

Wages Rock of Ages

Wages Cat and Cages

Wages Greengages

Waistcoat Charlie Prescot

Waiter Hot Potato

Wales Canterbury Tales

Walk Ball of Chalk
Missed the bus, I'll 'ave to Ball of Chalk.

Walk Bowl of chalk

Walk Penn'orth of chalk
Take a penn'orth, let me get on with me bloody job.

Wander Jane Fonda
Off for a Jane Fonda on the dancefloor

Wash Bish Bash Bosh
I've got to go and have a Bish Bash Bosh!

Wash Bob Squash

Wash Lemon Squash
Gotta ave a quick lemon

Watch Kettle and Hob
Nice new Kettle you're wearing mate.

Watch Kettle and Hob

Watch Bottle of Scotch

Watch Gordon and Gotch

Water Fisherman's Daughter

Water Ten Furlongs Mile and a Quarter

Wazz Keith Vaz
I'm busting for a Keith

Web site Wind and Kite
Check out my new wind and kite

Wedding Otis Redding
Lovely Otis Redding it was

Wee Patrick Mcnee
I'm desperate for a Patrick

Wee Rusty Lee
I'm gawn for a Rusty Lee.

Wee Dairylea
I need a Dairylea

Weed Dog and Lead
I lost my Dog and Lead.

Weed Happy Feed
'Ow much Happy 'ave you got?

Weed Harris Tweed
He's a bit of an 'Arris

Week Bubble and Squeak

Weight Pieces of Eight

Wench Tramp On A Bench

Wench Monkey Wrench

Wet Boba Fett

Where abouts Furry Boots
Furry Boots you going?

Wife Carving Knife

Wife Fork and Knife

Wife Duchess of Fife

Wife Bag for Life
I took me Bag for Life to the Dolly Mixtures.

Wife Bread Knife

Wife Trouble and Strife
Me Trouble and Strife's at home with the Bin Lids.

Wig Syrup of Figs
That's a definite syrup if ever I saw one!

Wig Oil Rig
Look at that Oil Rig 'es wearing

Wig Farmer's Pig
I just bought a new Farmer's!

Wig Irish Jig

Wig Irish jig
That bird's barnet must be an Irish jig.

Window Burnt Cinder

Window Tommy Trinder

Window Kevin and Linda
He's put a brick through the Kevin.

Windscreen Wiper Billie Piper
Some slag snapped off me Billies

Windy Mork and Mindy

Windy Mork and Mindy
It's a bit Mork and Mindy today. Nearly blew me Titfer right orf!

Wine Calvin Klein
Glass of dry white Calvin please.

Wine (Vino) Quentin Tarantino
I fancy a glass of Quentin (Tarantino).

Winner Chicken Dinner
Everyone's a Chicken Dinner.

Wishes Pots and Dishes

Woman Gooseberry Puddin'

Wood Dome Good

Woods (Woodbines) Do Me Goods

Word Dicky Bird
I'm 'aven't 'eard a Dicky Bird about it.

Word Lemon Curd
'ave a Lemon Curd with yourself

Work Kathy Burke
Gotta do some Kathy Burke

Work Captain Kirk
Can't be bothered to go to Captain Kirk, think I'll pull a Metal Mickey

Worries Fred Mcmurrays

Wrench Judy Dench
Oi, hand me that Judy.

Wrist Schindlers List
I've twisted me Schindlers

Wrong Pete Tong
It's all gone Pete Tong!

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