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English to Slang letter V

Van Slice Pan

Veg Uncle Reg

Vegan Peter Egan
Don't give 'im no Stand at Ease, 'es a Peter Egan.

Very best John West
I only give the John West mate.

Very best Hairy Chest
Cheers mate all the hairy chest

Vest Fred West
Oi Treacle!! Pass us me Fred West!

Vicar Pie and Liquor

Villain Bobby Dylan
Right little Bobby Dylan

Vin Blanc Plonk
Reported came from Army in France in WWI

Virus Billy Ray Cyrus
He caught the big Billy Ray.

Voda (mobile phone) Whiskey and Soda

Voddie (Vodka) Bill Oddie

Voice Hobson's Choice

Voice Housewives' Choice
I've had this cold three days, and now I've lost me Housewives' Choice

Vomit Wallace and Grommit

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