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English to Slang letter T

Table Aunt Mabel
Put the fruit on the Aunt Mabel.

Table Betty Grable
Excuse me, I'd like to book a Betty Grable

Table Cain and Abel

Table Cane and Abel

Table Clark Gable
Put the plate on the Clark Gable

Tablet Gary Abblett
Doctor gave me some Gary Abletts

Tail Alderman's Nail

Tailor Sinbad the Sailor

Take Away Jay Kay
Fancy a jay-kay after this?

Tale Newgate Gaol

Tale Daily Mail

Talk Rabbit and Pork
She would not stop Rabbitting!

Tall Bat and ball
That lad is a bit Bat and Ball

Tan Charlie Chan

Tan Peter Pan

Tan Steely Dan

Tanner (sixpence) Tartan Banner

Tanner (sixpence) Sprarsy Anna

Tanner (sixpence) Lord of the Manor

Tap (borrow) Star's Nap

Tap (borrow) Cellar Flap

Tatty David Batty
That rags looking a little Batty

Tax Candle Wax

Tax Bees Wax
I've paid a lot of Bees Wax this week.

Taxi Joe Baxi

Tea Kiki Dee
Fancy a bit of Acker in yer Kiki?

Tea Rosie Lee
Cup of Rosie luv?

Tea Bruce Lee
Anyone fancy a Bruce.

Tea You and Me

Tears Bunny Ears

Tears Britney Spears
Dry away those Britney Spears

Teenth (sixteenth of an ounce) Louis
I can only run to a Louis so shall we get an 'Enry between us?

Teeth Hounslow Heath
Been down the fang-wrencher's to get me Hounslow Heath fixed.

Teeth Penelope Keith
She's got nice Penelopes

Teeth Bexley Heath
Look at the Bexley's on that

Teeth Corn Beef
I'll knock ya Corns out.

Teeth Hampstead Heath
Got to go down the dentist to have me 'Ampsteads looked at

Teeth Haywards Heath

Teeth Hollie Reath
He's lying throuh his 'ollie reath!

Teeth Ted Heath
Do you like my new Ted Heaths?

Telephone Al Capone
She just keeps Rabbiting on the Al Capone.

Telly Auntie Nelly

Telly Liza Minnelli
What's on the Liza

Telly Roger Mellie

Telly K Y Jelly
Fred's on the KY Jelly

Telly Marie Correlli

Telly Matthew Kelly
what's on the Matthew Kelly tonight mate?

Telly Wobbly Jelly

Ten Tony Benn
Should we call it a Tony Benner

Ten Uncle Ben
Lend me an Uncle Ben will you?

Ten Big Ben

Ten Bill and Ben

Ten Dirty Den

Ten (£10) Speckled Hen
Lend us a Speckled son.

Ten (pounds) Nigel Benn
Lend us a Nigel.

Ten pounds Pavarotti
Lend us a Pavarotti

Tenner Jim Fenner
Where's that Jim you owe me?

Tenner (10 pound note) Louise Wener

Tenner (10 pound note) Paul Mckenna

Tennis Les Dennis
When's the Les Dennis on?

Testicles Outings and Festivals
Ooooh, 'e got me right in me outings!

Text T-rex
T-rex me on my phone

Text (message) Malcolm X
Send us a Malcolm when you get there

Thanks Shabba Ranks
shabba ranks for your help claire!

Thanks Tom Hanks
Tom Hanks for that old son

The once over (eye someone up) Kornikova
Give someone the Kornikova.

The Sun newspaper Currant Bun
I read it in the Currant Bun

Thief Tea Leaf

Thieves Jimmy Greaves

Thieving Tea Leafing

Third (class degree) Dickie Bird
I got a Dicky Bird in my degree.

Thirst Geoff Hurst
Pint of Uri please, got a right Geoff Hurst on.

Thong Rigobert Song
Nice Rigobert she's wearing.

Throat Nanny Goat

Throat Ferret and Stoat
Ooh me sore Ferret!

Throat Billy Goat

Thrush Basil Brush
I've got a bad case of Basil.

Thugs Spiders and Bugs

Ticket Jiminee Cricket
I've just bought a pair of Jiminees.

Ticket Lemony Snicket
Get some Lemonys for the footy

Ticket Bat and Wicket

Ticket Wilson Picket
I've got the Wilsons for Saturday, mate. Meet me in the Earl of Wakefield around 12.

Tie Peckham Rye
Are you gonna wear your new Peckham Rye?

Tie Peckham Rye

Tights Fly-By-Nights

Till (cash register) Jack and Jill

Tim (Person of a Roman Catholic Persuasion) Jungle Jim
He's a dirty jungle jim

Time Lager and Lime
Let me know what lager and lime you finish

Time Harry Lime

Time Bird Lime
Me old man's inside, doin' Bird.

Tired Barb Wired
I'm going to bed,I'm barb wired

To have a situation or a drama Bananarama
I'm having a right Bananarama today.

To urinate (slash) Jack Dash
I need a Jack Dash.

Toast Holy Ghost
Ere missis, I'll have two poached Woodens and a slice of Holy with a nice mug of Rosie.

Toast Holy Ghost

Toaster Roller Coaster

Toddlers / children (Brats) Rug Rats
Who's are those Rug Rats causing all the noise?

Toes Marilyn Monroes

Toes Edgar Allen Poes

Toes Bromley By Bows

Toes (from Seb Coes) Sebs
Have it on your Sebs

Toilet Pontius Pilate

Tomatoes Stars & Garters
Sling some Stars on that breakfast, mate.

Tongue Iron Lung

Tongue Brigham Young

Tonic Supersonic

Tool April Fool
'e ad an April wiv im in his 'appy bag

Tools Crown Jewels

Toss Iron Horse
Don't give an iron mate!

Toss Jonathan Ross
Couldn't give a Jonathon Ross mate

Toss Kate Moss

Toss Stirling Moss
I don't give a stirling mate

Tosser Charing Crosser

Tosser Dental Flosser
That geeza's a right dental flosser.

Tote Canal Boat

Tote Nanny Goat

Tottie Lanzarote
Some Lanzanrote around here!

Totty Beam me up Scotty

Tout Brussels Sprout
I bought my ticket off a Brussels

Tow Edgar Alan Poe

Towel Jenny Powell

Towel Simon Cowell
I'm going down to the beach, lay on me old Simon and catch me some rays.

Town Joe Brown

Town Bobby Brown

Tracks Basement Jaxx
I'll be making Basement Jaxx now

Train Hail and Rain
When's the next Hail and Rain?

Train Daniel Fergus (McGrain)
What time's the next Daniel Fergus?

Train John Wayne

Trainers Claire Rayners

Tram Baa Lamb

Tramp Hurricane Lamp
Yesterday I saw a Hurricane Lamp.

Tramp Postage Stamp

Tramp Oil Lamp

Tramp Paraffin Lamp
Have a wash ya' smelly paraffin

Tramp Parrafin Lamp

Tramp Thirteen Amp

Tramp Wet 'n' Damp
He's a bit of a wet n' damp?

Trash Bangers and Mash
Go and clear out the Bangers and Mash.

Trip (acid / ecstasy) Walnut Whip

Trots Zachary Scotts
Ooh I had a bad case of the Zachary Scotts last week.

Trouble Barney Rubble
Got into a right Barney last night.

Trousers Callard and Bowsers

Trousers Callards

Trousers Doogie Howsers
Nice Doogie Howsers.

Trousers Round the Houses

Trousers Lesley Crowthers

Trowel Baydon Powell
Put some Donald on me Baydon.

True Irish stew
Too Iish, me old China, too Irish !

Trunks Chipmunks

Truth Babe Ruth
Ain't that the Babe

Tube Rubik's Cube
Shall we go on the Rubic's?

Tube Oxo Cube

Tune Stewed Prune

Turd Thora Hird
Oh! I'm dying for a Thora

Turd Richard the Third

Turd Lemon Curd
I just nearly trod on that lemon curd

Turd Amber Heard
He's left a huge Amber Heard in the khazi!

Turd Douglas Hurd

Turf Harry Worth
It's not happening on my Harry!

Turk Captain Kirk

Turk Captain Kirk
Lot of Captains around this area.

Turkey Pinky and Perky

Twenty two Dinky Doo

Twig (understand) Earwig

Two-two (degree result) Desmond Tutu

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