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English to Slang letter S

Sack Tin Tack
Got the Tin Tack this morning. Now I'm on the Rock'n'Roll again.

Safe Adam Faith
Let's put in our money in the Adam Faith, there's some right dodgy chancers in this hotel.

Saloon Bar Balloon Car

Sandals Roman Candles
Why are you wearing those Romans?

Sargy (Sargeant) Onion Bhaji
Meet our new Onion Bhaji.

Sarnie Georgio Armani
Poppin' out for a quick Georgio Armani

Sarnie (Sandwich) Reg Varney
Oi, get us a Bacon Reg.

Sauce Rocking Horse
I'd like some Rocking Horse on my beef

Sauce Rocking Horse

Sauce Inspector Morse
Got any Inspector?

Sauce Dead Horse

Sauce Air Force
Do you wan't any Air Force on yer chips luv?

Saw Bear's Paw

Say so Cocoa

Scar Mars Bar

Scarf Centre Half
It's a bit taters I'll wear my centre half

Scary Mariah Carey

School Jah Rule
I'm quittin Jah cos it's a James Hunt

Score Hampden Roar
You know the Hampden

Score Bobby Moore

Score Ali McGraw
What's the Ali mate?

Score Jude Law
What's the Jude Law ?

Score Ronald de Boer
Gimme a ronald de boer

Score (£20) Dudley Moore

Scotch (whiskey) Gold Watch

Scotch (whiskey) Gold Watch
Fancy a gold watch, before you go?

Scotch (whiskey) Pocket Watch

Scotch (whiskey) Pimple and Blotch

Scouts Brussels Sprouts

Screw (prison office) Digeridoo

Sea Housemaid's Knee

See ya' later Spanish Waiter
Spanish Waiter darlin!

See you Later Baked Potato

Seen Pearly Queen

Sense Eighteen Pence

Shabby Westminster Abbey

Shades Virginia Wades

Shag Zig and Zag
Any chance of a Zig and Zag?

Shag Melvyn Bragg

Shakes Hatti Jaques

Shaky Currant Cakey

Shambles Jakki Brambles

Shark Noah's Ark

Shave Ocean Wave

Shave Mexican Wave
I am away to have a shower and a Mexican

Shave Rant an Rave
When I wake up I have a Rant an Rave

Shave Dig in the grave

Shave Chas and Dave

Shave All Night Rave

Shilling Able and Willing
'Ere mate I'm skint, lend us an Able

Shilling Thomas Tilling

Shilling John Dillon
Lend us a John Dillon

Shingles Mandy Dingles
How are your Mandy Dingles?

Ship 'Apenny Dip

Shirt Dicky Dirt
Startin' my new job today. Better put on my best Dicky Dirt.

Shirt Uncle Bert

Shocker Barry Crocker

Shocker Constantino Rocca

Shoes Ones and Twos
Put on yer Ones and Twos, and take the dog fer a Ball of Chalk.

Shop Lollipop

Shop Cheggers Plays Pop

Shop Bottle of Pop
Wat u gettin from the Bottle.

Shoulders Noddy Holders
I've a right pain in me Noddy Holders !

Shout Brussel Sprout

Shout (round) Wally Grout

Shovel Lord Lovell

Shower Austin Power
Just jumping in the Austin

Shower Blackpool Tower
I'm going for a Blackpool.

Shower David Gower

Shower Eiffel Tower

Shower Fawlty Tower
I'll just have a Fawlty Tower

Shut Jabba the Hutt

Sick Moby Dick

Sick Tom and Dick
I ain't goin' into work today. I'm feelin' Tom and Dick.

Silly Uncle Willy

Silly Piccadilly

Silly Harry and Billy

Silly Daffadown Dilly

Single Mandy Dingle
Is that bird still mandy dingle?

Sister Skin and Blister

Sister Sock and Blister

Six (in bingo) Chop Sticks

Sixty six Clickety Click

Skin Thick and Thin

Skin (cigarette paper) Vera Lynn

Skint Peppermint

Skint Polo Mint
Cant afford it im Polo

Skint Harry Flint
I'm a bit 'Arry at the moment

Skint Jackie Flint
Would join you, but I'm Jackie Flint

Skint (broke) Boracic Lint
Can't come out tonight, I'm Boracic!

Skint (broke) Bernie Flint

Skint (broke) Murray-Mint

Skint (broke) Larry Flint
I'm Larry Flint

Skive Duck and Dive
Not going into work today. I'm Ducking and Diving.

Skiver Angus MacGyver
you're a right Angus MacGyver

Skiver Pearl Diver
He's been off since last Thursday. Says he's Tom and Dick but I reckon he's Pearl Diving.

Skoda Whiskey and Soda

Skull Jethro (Tull)
I bust an Aristostle over his Jethro

Skunk Harry Monk
Do us a mother of Harry

Sky Apple Pie

Slash Arthur Ash
Going for a quick Arthur

Slash Pie and Mash
Gotta take a Pie and Mash

Slash Leslie Ash

Slash (urinate) Lemon and Dash

Slash (urinate) Johnny Cash
I'm busting for a Johnny Cash

Slash (urinate) Johnny Cash

Slash (urinate) Mark Ramprakash

Slash (urinate) Pat Cash
Just goin' to the loo for a quick Pat Cash.

Slash (urinate) Sausage and Mash
Just going for sausage and mash

Slash (Urinate) Alex Nash

Slash (urinate) Barry Nash
I'm going to burst if I don't go for a Barry…

Slash (urinate) Bangers and Mash

Slash (urinate) Charlie Nash

Slash (urinate) Frazer Nash

Slash (urinate) Eye Lash
Rack 'em up again, I'm just off for an Eye Lash.

Slash; to urinate Stock Market Crash
Excuse me while I nip off for a quick Stock Market

Slaughtered Son and Daughter'd

Sleep Sooty And Sweep
I could do with some Soot.

Sleep Bo-Peep

Sleep Bo Peep

Slippers Big Dippers

Slippers Chicken Dippers

Slippers Eggs and Kippers
Put on your kippers and come here

Slippers Day Trippers

Slippers Jack The Rippers
Oi, mutt - go and fetch my Jack the Rippers.

Smart Lemon Tart
Don't get Lemon wiv me, son!

Smashed Pebble Dashed
I got pebble dashed last night

Smell Aunt Nell

Smell (whiff) Jimmy Cliff
Cor, it don't half Jimmy round here.

Smile Sandy Lyle
Put a Sandy on your Boat

Smile Roof Tile
Put a Roof on yer Boat.

Smoke Laugh and a Joke
Just goin out for a laugh mate...

Snake Joe Blake

Sneeze Bread and Cheese

Snide Bonnie and Clyde
That a Bonnie Ralph Loren or a real one?

Snide (fake) Jekyll and Hyde
Bought a Jekyll watch down the market

Snotter (nose) Harry Potter
That geezer's got an 'arry like concorde !

Snout (cigarette) In and Out

Snout (cigarette) Salmon and Trout
I'm having a salmon

Snout (cigarette) Salmon and Trout

Snow Cheryl Crow

Soap Cape of Good Hope

Soap Band of Hope

Soap Faith and Hope

Soap No hope
Can you pass me the no hope?

Sock Teddington Lock
I've lost one of my Teddingtons

Socks Tilbury Docks

Socks Sara cox
Ere fella, you seen me Sara's?

Socks Diamond Rocks
Chuck us me Diamonds.

Socks Hickory Docks

Socks Almond Rocks

Soda Major Loda

Soft Lara Croft
He's gone a bit Lara Croft

Son Bath Bun

Son Currant Bun

Song Ding Dong
Let's all 'av a bit of a ding dong!

Sores Dudley Moore's

Soup Loop the Loop

Soup Loop the Loop
Think I'll have the loop for starters

Sovereign Jimmy O'Goblin

Spam Jean-Claude van Damme
Argh, I can't check me emails for all this Jean-Claude van Damme!

Spanner Elsie Tanner

Spanner Copacabana

Sparko (asleep or unconscious) Donnie Darko
The guy on the floor was totally Donnie Darko'd

Sparrow Bow and Arrow

Specs (specatcles) Gregory Pecks
You've got new Gregory Pecks!

Specs (spectacles) Mikkel Becks

Specs (spectacles) Posh and Becks
Pass us me posh and becks

Spider Apple Cider
That Apple Cider has 'orrible 'airy Scotch Eggs

Spine Lager and Lime

Spliff Scratch ' N ' Sniff

Splinter Alan Minter

Spoon Lorna Doone

Spot Randolph Scott

Spot Selina Scott
That's a nasty Selina you've got there

Spot Jelly Tot
Thats a wicked jelly tot on your boat

Spouse Dangermouse

Spouse Boiler House

Spud Elmer Fudd
Pass the Elmers, please darling

Spuds Roy Hudd's

Spunk Harry Monk

Spunk Harry Monk

Squeal Jellied Eel
Darren you fookin' Jelly

Squitters Gary Glitters
I caught a right does of the Garys

Stab Doner Kebab
Harry got Doner Kebebbed last night

Stairs Dancing Bears
Get up those Dancing Bears right now!

Stairs Daisy Dancers

Stairs Apples and Pears
Up the Apples and Pears to Bedfordshire

Star Lah-Di-Dah

Starbie's (Starbucks) Ken and Barbies

Starbucks Lisa Tarbucks
Let's head for Lisa Tarbucks!

Starved Pear Halved

Starving Lee Marvin

Starving Hank Marvin

State Harry Tate

State Six and Eight

State Two and Eight
Clear up your room - it's a right two and eight!

Steak Sexton Blake

Steak Kate

Steak Joe Blake

Steak Charlie Drake
I'll have a well done Charlie darlin'.

Steak and Kidney Kate and Sydney

Stella (beer) Keith Dellar
I'll have a pint of Keith

Stella (beer) Paul Weller

Stella (beer) Nelson Mandela

Stella (beer) Penn and Teller
Let's go down the BATTLE CRUISER for a coupla pints of PENN AND TELLER!

Stella (beer) Yuri Geller

Stella (beer) Cinderella
I've been drinkin' Cinderellas all night

Stella (beer) David Mellor

Stella (Stella Artois beer) Penn and Teller

Stench Judy Dench
Don't go in that toilet there's a right Judy in there

Stench Dawn French
Phew there's a Dawn French coming out of those drains today.

Stench Dame Judy Dench

Stew Battle of Waterloo

Sticks (countryside) Pick and Mix
It's ages seen I been out in the pick 'n mix

Still (photograph) Beecham's Pill

Stilsons (Pipe Wrenches) Harold Wilson's

Stink Pen and Ink
Cor your breath don't 'alf Pen and Ink!

Stinker (bad game) Regi Blinker

Stools April Fools

Story Jackanory

Story Frankie DeTory
What's the Frankie?

Story Morning Glory
Let me tell you a Morning Glory.

Stout (beer) Salmon and Trout

Stranger Queens Park Ranger

Stranger Connaught Ranger

Strangers Glasgow Rangers

Stray Gamma Ray

Streak Dawson's Creek
I remember Erica doing a Dawsons like it was yesterday

Street Field of Wheat

Street Field of Wheat

Street Ain't It A Treat
That's me <exp>Lemon</exp> down the Ain't It A Treat.

Strides (trousers) Jekyll and Hydes

Stripper Jack the Ripper

Stripper Chicken Dipper
Didn't you know Julie's a Chicken Dipper now?

Strong Annie May Wong
That's a bit Annie May

Strong Ping Pong

Stunner Air Gunner
Cwar! She's a right Air Gunner!

Style Plymouth Argyle
I like ya Plymouth Argyle

Style Sandy Lyle
I like your Sandy Lyle

Style Tate and Lyle

Styled Wet 'n' Wild
I've had my hair wet 'n' wild

Sub Rubber Dub

Sub (pay advance) Rub A Dub

Sugar (Tate and Lyle) Harry Tate

Suit Bag of Fruit

Suit Bowl of Fruit

Suit Whistle and Flute
Nice new Whistle, mate!

Suit Piccolo and Flute

Sun Currant Bun
Must be true cos I read it in the Currant Bun.

Supper Tommy Tucker

Sure Bobby Moore

Sure Five to Four
You want £1000 for this car? Are you Five to Four mate?

Swear Orange and Pear
Don't you Orange and Pear at me, mate!

Swear Lord Mayor

Swear Lord Mayor

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