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English to Slang letter M

Mad Mum and Dad

Magistrate Garden Gate

Malteasers Small Geezers
Go down the frog and toad & get me a packet of small geezers.

Marge Little and Large

Mark Finsbury Park

Marker (pen) Ronnie Barker

Mason David Jason
You can tell he's a David Jason by the look of 'im

Match Colney Hatch
Got any Colneys ?

Matches Cuts and Scratches

Mate Garden Gate

Mate Dinner Plate

Mate Empire State
Alright my old Empire!

Mate China Plate
Alright me old china?

Mates Gareth Gates
I'm 'eddin out with me Gareth Gates tonight.

Mean Sean Bean
Stop being so Sean Bean and get a round in!

Meat Pie Dog's Eye

Medicine Thomas Edison
Just been to the doctors to collect my thomas

Meeting Ronan Keating
I was in this stupid Ronan Keating all afternoon

Meeting Central Heating
I just been to the Central about the new building.

Meeting Buster Keaton

Menstrual cycle George Michael
Me girlfriend's on the George Michael

Mental Chicken Oriental
You're chicken oriental pal, you know that don't you

Mental (crazy) Chicken Oriental

Mental (crazy) Radio Rental

Menu Me and You

Mercy Piccadilly Percy

Mess Slits in A Dress

Mess Elliot Ness

Middle Hey Diddle Diddle

Mild Oscar Wilde
That Ruby's pretty Oscar Wilde.

Milk Kilroy Silk
Gotta av a drop'a Kilroy on me Cornflakes

Milk Lady in silk
Pass the Lady, dear. As my old dad would say.

Milk Tom Silk

Milk Acker Bilk

Mind Bacon Rind
You off yer bacon ?!

Mind Chinese Blind

Miss (girl) Cuddle and Kiss

Missis Cheese and Kisses

Missus (Mrs) Love and Kisses

Missus (Mrs) Plates and Dishes

Mistake Jaffa Cake
"That was a bit of a Jaffa..."

Moans Catherine Zeta Jones
Here she goes with her Zeta Jones.

Mobi (mobile phone) Obi Wan Kenobi
Call me on me Obi Wan

Moby (mobile phone) Uncle Toby

Money Bees and Honey
Can you lend us an Ayrton Senna mate? I've run out of Bees and Honey

Money Bread and Honey

Money Bugs Bunny

Money Bunse
How much money did we make last month Del? Loads o' Bunse Rodders, loads o' Bunse!

Money Fluffy Bunny
Look at all that Fluffy Bunny.

Money (Dosh) Becks and Posh
I can't tonight, I've got no Beck's.

Moody Richard and Judy
Your suit is well Richard and Judy

Moody Richard and Judy

Moody Punch n Judy
Don't get all Punch and Judy

Mormon Jerry O'Gorman

Morning Day's Dawning

Motor Haddock & Bloater
Where's ya haddock parked son?

Motor Haddock and Bloater

Motor Tea, Two, and a Bloater

Motor Yarmouth Bloater
Seen my new Yarmouth?

Mouth North and South
Shut yer North and South.

Mower (gardener) Percy Thrower

Mrs Love and Kisses

Mug Toby Jug

Mug (fool) Steam Tug

Mum Finger and Thumb
My Finger and Thumb's furious with me.

Munter Rachel Hunter
She's a bit of a Rachel Hunter

Mush (Face) George Bush
He clocked 'im one right in the George

Mutton Jenson Button
She's Jenson Button dressed as lamb I reckon

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