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English to Slang letter L

Lager Forsythe Saga

Lambourghini Martini
Yeah, I'll ave a Lambourghini

Lardy Oliver Hardy
I'm too Oliver Hardy -- I'm going on a Brixton.

Lark (fun) Bushey Park

Lark (fun) Tufnell Park

Later Alligator

Later Kat Slater
You comin' down the the rub-a-dub, Kat Slater?

Laters Fish 'n' Taters
See's you fish 'n' taters mate

Laters (see you later) Kat Slaters

Lather How's Your Father?

Laugh Jimmy Giraffe
Your 'avin a Jimmy

Laugh Giraffe
Yer 'avin' a Giraffe, pal!

Laugh Hat and Scarf
You 'avin a Hat and Scarf mate or what.

Laugh Rory McGrath
Havin a Rory McGrath

Laugh Steffi Graf
He's 'aving a Steffi Graf, right?

Laugh Tin Bath

Laugh Bird Bath
You're 'aving a bird bath mate

Laugh Bobble Hat and Scarf
Bobble Hat and Scarf, ur having a laugh.

Laugh Bubble Bath
He's 'avin' a Bubble

Laugh Bubble Bath

Laugh Cow's Calf

Laugh Turkish Bath

Laugh Wooly Hat and Scarf

Lazy Patrick Swayze
He's a bit Patrick Swayze inne

Leeds String o' Beads
Gonna watch String o' beads tonight

Legs Scotch Eggs

Legs Scotch Pegs

Legs Pin Pegs
Nice Pins darlin'!

Legs Ham and Eggs

Legs Mystic Megs

Legs Mystic Megs
Have you seen the Mystics on that?

Legs Cribbage Pegs
'and right through my Rank and Riches did my Cribbage Pegs burst'

Legs Bacon and Eggs
Cor, look at the Bacon and Eggs on 'er!

Legs Clothes Pegs

Leicester Square Euan Blair
Meet me at Euan Blair

Level Gary Neville
The scores are Gary Neville

Level Gary Neville
He's on the Gary Neville

Liar Dunlop Tyre

Liar Deep Fat Fryer
You're just a Deep Fat Fryer.

Liar Bob Cryer

Liar Holy Friar

Liar Town Crier

Lie Cherry Pie
U're tellin a Cherry ain't ya son!!

Lies Porky Pies
Stop tellin' me Porkies!

Lies porky pies

Lighter Street Fighter
Who's got a street fighter?

Lighter Street Fighter
Pass me the Street Fighter will you?

Lighter German Fighter
Borrow us your German Fighter

Line (cocaine) Patsy Cline
I'll sort out a few Patsy's mate

Lips Filter Tips
Not a dickie has past my filter

Lisp Quentin Crisp
You heard that muppet with the Quentin?

Liver Cheerful Giver

Liver Swanee River

Liverpool Poor Man's Gruel
You support Poor Man's Gruel? You fool!

Living room Bride and Groom

Loan shark Cutty Sark

Lodger Artful Dodger

Loner Jack Joner
Look at that Jack Joner.

Long Donkey Kong
Mate, this journey's well Donkey Kong.

Look Butcher's Hook
Give us a Butcher's at your paper mate.

Look Captain Cook

Looney Wayne Rooney
Don't go near that Geezer, he's a bit of a Wayne Rooney

Loose Mother Goose
This wheel's a bit Mother Goose

Loot (money) Fibre of Your Fabric

Lose Tom Cruise

Lost Kate Mossed

Lost Jonathan Ross'd
I'm totally Jonathan Ross'd here

Lot (serving or share) Hopping Pot

Love Push and Shove

Love Rubber Glove

Love Turtle Dove

Lover Funk Soul Brother
Leave off mate that's me funk soul yer speakin' ter

Lover Danny Glover
How's my little Danny

Luck Friar Tuck

Luck Donald Duck

Lug (ear) Toby Jug
I've put a splash of aftershave behind my Toby Jugs

Lunch Kidney Punch

Lunch Brady Bunch
Going down to the Nuclear for Bradys... coming?

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