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English to Slang letter K

Kebab Andy McNab

Keek Mozambique

Keen James Dean
You're a bit James Dean in't ya?

Kettle Stinging Nettle
Put the stinger on

Kettle Hansel and Gretel
Stick the Hansel on, love, I'm gasping.

Key Bruce Lee
Where's me Bruce Lee's?

Keys Cheddar Cheese
'Ave ya got ya Cheddars?

Keys Honey Bees
Where's the hell are me honeys?

Keys Dancing Fleas

Keys Mushy Peas
Ohl Barry White,I've forgotten me Mushy Peas.

Keys Knobbly Knees

Keys Macaroni Cheese
Have you seen me Macaronis?

Khazi Ille Nasatse
Oi mate, where's your Ille?

Kick off Paul Dickov

Kid Saucepan Lid

Kid Teapot Lid

Kid Dustbin Lid

Kid God Forbid

Kids Bin Lids

Kids Tin Lids

Kip Sherbet Dip
I need some Sherbet Dip.

Kip Jockey's Whip

Kip Feather and Flip

Kip (sleep) Feather and Flip

Kip (sleep) Lucky Dip
Going home for a Lucky.

Kipper Jack the Ripper

Kiss Heavenly Bliss
Me and me Lemon Curd Heavenly Bliss all the time

Kiss Hit and Miss

Kitty (in the pub) Walter (Mitty)
Who's got the Walter?

Kitty (pot of cash) Intercity
Everyone put a lady in the Intercity

Knackered Cream Crackered

Knackered (tired) Christmas Crackered

Knackered (tired) Kerry Packer

Knackers Cream Crackers
She got me right in the Cream Crackers

Knackers (testicles) Jacobs Crackers
If you stop me again I'll cut your Jacobs off (from the film "Snatch)

Knackers (testicles) Jacob's Crackers

Knackers (testicles) Michael Schumachers
Interestingly, Schumacher is German for Cobbler too!

Knees Biscuits and Cheese

Knees Chips And Peas
My Chips And Peas are sore.

Knickers Alan Whickers
Where's me Alan Whickers?

Knife Drum and Fife

Knife and Fork Drummond and Roce

Knock Tick Tock

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