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English to Slang letter J

Jacket AJ Hackett
Where's me AJ Hackett?

Jacket Desmond Hackett

Jacket Grant Hackettt
Just let me grab my Grant Hackett.

Jacket Tennis Racquet

Jackson Five (five pounds) Jacks
Lend us a jacks

Jail Jimmy Nail

Jail Rusty Nail

Jail Ginger Ale

Jail Bucket and Pail

Jar (drink) Jean Michell
Fancy a few Jean Michells later

Jaw Jackdaw

Jeans Milton Keynes

Jeans Steve McQueen's

Jeans Baked Beans

Jeans Bethnal Greens
Nice pair of Bethnals.

Jeans Harpers and Queens

Jeans Dixie Deans

Jehovas (Witnesses) Vauxhall Novas
Had the Vauxhall Novas around last night.

Jesus Christ Cheese and Rice

Jew Chelsea Blue
Ur a Chelsea Blue, aint u?

Jew Five To Two

Jew Stick of Glue

Jewellery Tom Foolery

Job Uncle Bob

Job Dog's Knob

Job Corn On the Cob

Jock Sweaty Sock

Joke Rum and Coke

Joke Egg Yoke

Joke Diet Coke
London Transport is a Diet Coke!

Journey Burt and Ernie

Judge Barnaby Rudge

Judge Chocolate Fudge

Judge Inky Smudge
But the old Inky's giving me 6 months

Jumper Kuala Lumpar

Jungle Zippy and Bungle
I'm lost in da zippy

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