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English to Slang letter H

Hair Alf Garnett
Been in the barbers to get something done about me Alf Garnett

Hair Barnet Fair
Look at your barnet! Council cut it for yer?

Hair Bonney Fair

Hair Fred Astaire
You had your Fred done?

Hair Tony Blair

Hair Yogi Bear
Brush your Yogi Bear

Hair on (from Aaron, as in keep your hair on) Elvis
For god's sake calm down! Keep your Elvis!

Haircut Chicker

Hairy Bloody Mary
God she's Bloody Mary

Half (a pint) Cow and Calf

Half (an ounce of drugs) Rory McGrath
Two Henrys make a Rory

Half a dollar Half An Oxford Scholar

Hammer Franz Klammer
Pass me the Franz Klammer

Hand German Band

Hands Jazz Bands
My Jazz Bands are cold

Hands Elastic Bands

hands Brass Bands

Hands Brighton Sands

Hands Alice Bands
You're sitting on my Alice Bands!

Hangover Ben Dover
I've Got Such A Bad Ben Dover.

Hansome Marilyn Manson
Your looking Marilyn Manson today

Harsh Kym Marsh
That's a bit Kym Marsh

Harsh Jodie Marsh
Thats a bit jodie marsh mate!

Hash -(Cannabis) Johhny Cash
Dont Humphrey the Johhny you muddy boy

Hat Tit For Tat
Bit parky outside - best put on me Titfer.

Hat (tit for tat) Titfer
Put on yer Titfer and let's go for a Ball of Chalk.

Hazy Riccardo Patrese
Last night is Riccardo Patrese

Head Uncle Ned

Head Ruby Red

Head Loaf of Bread
Use yer Loaf!

Head Lump of Lead
Use yer lump!

Head Blood Red

Head Crust of Bread

Head in Otis Redding
Oh, this is doing my Ottis Redding!

Heart Raspberry Tart

Heart Jam Tart

Heart Strawberry Tart
My strawberry only beats for you, treacle

Heart Horse and Cart

Heater Blue Peter
Turn on the Blue Peter.

Hell Ding Dong Bell

Hell Gypsy Nell

Hell Jimmy Nail

Hemorrhoids Emma Freuds

Hemorrhoids Clement Freuds

Hemp Martin Kemp
Got any martin???

Hide Duck and Dive

Hill Jack and Jill

Hill Rhubarb Pill

Hips Fish and Chips
Move those Fish and Chips darling.

Hole Drum Roll

Home Gates of Rome

Home Pope in Rome

Honours Jimmy Connors
Do the Jimmy Connors, mate

Hooker One Time Looker

Hooter (nose) Pea Shooter
He got hit on the Pea Shooter!

Horse Charing Cross

Horse Bottle of Sauce

Hot Alan Knott
It ain't half Alan Knott in here.

Hot Peas in the Pot
Bit peasy in 'ere, innit?

House Rat and Mouse

House Cat and Mouse

Hump Donald Trump
Had a Donald Trump in the back of the car

Hump Petrol Pump
He had the right petrol pump last night

Hurry Bob Murray
Come on I'm in a Bob Murray

Hyper Pied Piper

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