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English to Slang letter G

Gamble Glen Campbell
Go on son, take a Glen.

Gamble Naomi Campbell
I wouldn't buy that car - it looks like a bit of a Naomi Cambell.

Gamble Sol campbell
Coming for a Sol Campbell

Garage Steve Claridge

Garden Osama Bin Laden
Look at the mess of my Osama.

Garden Bin Laden
I'm gonna spend the afternoon in the old Bin Laden

Gargle (drink) Arthur Scargill

Gear (cocaine) Brighton Pier
Get us a dolls pram of Brighton Pier

Geezer Bacardi Breezer
Awight me old Bacardi

Geezer Fridge Freezer

Geezer Ice Cream Freezer
Do you know Phil, the fat Ice Cream?

Geezer Julius Caesar

Geezer Lemon Squeezer

German Ben Sherman

Giggles Flight Lieutenant Biggles

Gin Ann Boleyn
You have a Gold Watch, I'll have an Anny

Gin Needle and Pin

Gin Mother's Ruin

Gin Nose and Chin

Gin Vera Lynn

Gin and Tonic Philharmonic

Gin and tonic Supersonic

Girl Twist and Twirl

Girl Ocean Pearl

Girl Mother of Pearl

Giro Nightboat To Cairo

Giro ( dole) Man From Cairo
Poppin' down the post office for my Man From Cairo.

Git (twit) Strawberry Split

Gloves Turtle Doves

Go Scapa Flow
We better scapa!

Goal Sausage Roll

Goal Andy Cole

Gob (mouth) Gang and Mob

Goggle box (television) Nervo and Knox

Good Robin Hood

Gory God's Glory
Blimey that film was God's

Gossip Rex Mossop

Gout Salmon and Trout
How's your salmon

Gout Twist and Shout
He's suffering with the Twist and Shout

Gout In and Out

Gramme Leg of Lamb
Can I have a leg of that mate?

Grand (as in One Thousand Pounds) Rio Ferdinand
That cost me a Rio Ferdinand. What a rip-off!

Grass Duck's Arse
Don't talk to him mate, he's a Duck's Arse.

Gravy Army and Navy

Gravy Merchant Navy
Pass the Merchant.

Gravy Royal Navy
Pass us the Royal Navy

Greek Bubble and Squeak

Greek Bubble and Squeak

Grief Lee Van Cleef
Can't go to the pub tonight mate, the wife will give me Lee Van Cleef!

Grief Omar Sharif

Grouch Peter Crouch
Oh, he's such a Peter!

Ground Penny A Pound

Ground Tuppence a pound
I found it on the Tuppence

Growler Arthur Fowler

Grumble Rhubarb Crumble
You mustn't Rhubarb

Guilty Clonakilty

Gullet (throat) Ruud Hullit
Went straight down my 'Ruud Hullit'

Guts Fruit and Nuts
I've copped it in the Fruit and Nuts

Guts Newington Butts

Gym Fat Boy Slim
Goin' down the Fat Boy Slim

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