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English to Slang letter E

E (Ecstacy) Bumble Bee

Eager Christian Ziege
'He's a bit Christian'

Ear Bottle of Beer
Can I 'ave a Dicky Bird in your Bottle of Beer?

Ear King Lear

Early Liz Hurley
Bleedin' 'eck, you're here a bit Liz Hurley aincha?

Earner Anthea Turner
A right good little Anthea Turner

Earner Bunsen Burner
Nice little Bunsen Burner

Ears Lords and Peers

Ears Britney Spears
What's wrong wiv yer Britney's luv

Ears Ten Speed Gears

Easy Lemon Squeesy

Easy Bright and Breezy

Easy Ham and Cheesy

Egg Clothes Peg

Egg Scotch Peg

Eighth (of cannabis) Henry the Eighth
Sort me out an Enry

Elbow Spanish Archer

Email Holy Grail
Send us a holy

Email Jimmy Nail

Email Alexei Sayle
Send us an Alexei Sayle later on with the details.

Engineer German Beer

Engineer Ginger Beer

Enough French Egg (en ouef)
I've had a french egg

Evens Shakin Stevens
What price was that horse?

Evens (betting) Major Stevens

Evens (betting) Kirk Stevens
I'm Kirk mate.

Exam Green Eggs and Ham

Excited Sheffield United
Calm down, don't get too Sheffield!

Eyes Mince Pies
Lovely pair of Minces my gal has.

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