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English to Slang letter D

Daft Fore and Aft

Dance Jack Palance

Dandy Andy Pandy
He's a bit of an Andy!

Danger Stewart Granger
Any Stewart of getting served?

Dark Gorky Park

Darlin' Barney Marlin

Darlin' Briney Marlin

Darts Martial Arts

Daughter Mile and a Quarter

Daughter Bottle of Porter

Daughter Bricks and Mortar

Daughter Bucket of Water
I've just seen my Bucket on London Bridge

Dead Father Ted

Dead Brown Bread

Dead Right Said Fred
He's Right Said Fred.

Dead (from Brown Bread = Dead) Hovis
He's Hovis mate, Brown Bread

Deaf Mutt and Jeff
You'll have to speak up, 'e's a bit Mutton

Deal Jellied Eel
I'll give ya a great jelly on it

Deef (Deaf) Corned Beef
Och, are ye Corned Beef or something?

Denial River Nile
She's definitely in the River Nile

Dense Garden Fence
He is such a garden fence.

Devil Henry Neville
What the Henry Neville is going on ?

Dice Rats and Mice

Diet Brixton Riot
No chocolate for me - spoils me Brixton.

Dinner Frank Skinner
What did you have for yer Frank Skinner?

Dinner Jim Skinner

Dinner John Skinner

Dinner Lilley and Skinner

Dinner Michael Winner

Dinner Yul Brynner
I'm eating my Yul Brynner

Dip Apple Pip
Let's go down to Worthing for an Apple Pip.

Dirty Two-Thirty

Do so Robinson Crusoe

Do the off Apple Toff

Doddle (easy or straight forward) Glenn Hoddle

Dog London Fog

Dog Cherry Hogg

Dole De La Soul

Dole Adrian Mole
I'm on the old Adrian Mole.

Dole Andy Cole
I get me Andy Cole money through next week

Dole Billy Joel
That guy's on the Billy Joel

Dole Old King Cole
He's on the Old King Cole

Dole George Cole

Dole jam roll
He's on the Jam Roll

Dole Rock and Roll
Lost me job, now I'm back on the Rock'n'Roll.

Dole (welfare) Sausage Roll

Dole (welfare) Jam Roll
I'm on the jam roll

Dole (welfare) Nat King Cole

Dollar Oxford Scholar

Doner Kebabs Crabs
That old brass gave me the Doner Kebabs.

Door Bobby Moore

Door Henry Moore

Door Roger Moore
Shut that bleedin' Roger Moore

door Ronald de Boer
Shut that Ronald de Boer

Door Rory O'Moore
Close the bleedin' Rory!

Door Rory O'More

Dope Slippery Slope
I'm gonna get on the Slippery Slope....

Dope Bob Hope

Dose Half A Gross

Doss Hugo Boss
Lets Hugo Boss school.

Double Barney Rubble
Playing pool

Doubt Brussels Sprout
Without a Brussels Sprout mate.

Dough (money) Russell Crowe
I've got no Russell Crowe

Dozen Country Cousin

Draught George Raft

Draw (cannabis) Jack McGraw
Do you know were I can get some Jack McGraw?

Draw (cannabis) Jack Straw

Drawers (pair of) Early Doors

Drink Cuff Link
Let's go down the Rubber Dub and have a Cuff Link

Drink Ice Rink
I'm going down the Battle Cruiser for a coupla Ice Rinks.

Drink Kitchen Sink
Let's go to the rubber for a kitchen sink.

Drink Lily the Pink
Your Lily mate !

Drink Tumble Down the Sink

Drink (beverage) Dame Edna Everidge
Me and the lads are off down the Rat and Parrot for a few Dame Edna's

Drive Bee Hive
Last night she bee'd through the pleasure and pain.

Drug Persian Rug
Got any Persians on you mate?

Drugs Persian Rugs

Drugs Kisses and Hugs
I'm going to score some kisses and hugs

Drugs Spark Plugs

Drunk Elephant's Trunk

Drunk Elephant's Trunk
I'm going to get elephant's

Dumb Tom Thumb
You bit Tom Thumb

Dump Ten Ounce Rump
I'm going for a 10er.

Dump Donald Trump
Oooh I could do with a Donald Trump right now.

Dump Foot Pump

Dump Forest Gump
I'm dying for a Forest.

Dump Forrest Gump
I'm avin'a Forrest, leave me be.

Dump Camel's Hump
He's on the throne having a Camel's.

Dump (shit) Camel's Hump

Dumps Gravy Lumps

Dwarf Canary Wharf
He´s a Canary.

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