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English to Slang letter C

Cab Flounder & Dab
Grab a swift Flounder accross town.

Cab Smash and Grab
I'm off down the pub, I'll get a smash home

Cab Smash and grab
Come out the station and waited for a smash

Cab (taxi) Sherbet Dab

Cab (taxi) Andy McNab
I'm goin gettig an Andy McNab home

Cab (taxi) Left Jab

Cadge Coat and Badge

Cafe Colonel Gadaffi

Cake Joe Blake
Want some Joe Blake mate?

Cake Sexton Blake

Can (of beer) Jackie Chan
You want to come around to my gaf for a few Jackies tonight?

Cancel Nigel Mansell
Got to Nigel Mansell my subscription

Cancer Sunny Dancer
Wot's wrong with him? 'Es got sunny dancer innee?

Candle Harry Randall

Cans (headphones) Desperate Dans

Cappucino Al Pacino

Car Andrew Marr
I'll have a look in the Andrew Maerr

Car Danny Marr

Car Jam Jar

Car Kareem Abdul Jabbar

Car La-Di-Dah

Car Near and Far

Car YoYo Ma
Have a butcher's at me new yoyo !

Car keys Fergal Sharkeys
Can't find my Fergals anywhere!

Carling Alistair Darling
You're having a pint of Yuri Gellar and I'll have an Alistair

Carling Roger Starling

Cash Sausage and Mash

Cash Arthur Ashe

Cash Bangers and Mash

Cash Dot and Dash

Cash Crosby, Stills and Nash

Cash Oscar Asche

Cash Pie And Mash
You got any Pie on ya?

Cash Jumpin' Jack Flash
I've got plenty of Jumpin' Jack Flash in me Sky Rocket.

Cat Postman Pat

Cat Cooking Fat
Don't tease the cooking fat !

Cat Ball of Fat
Where's that daft Ball of Fat? It's time for it's dinner!

Cat This and That

Catch ya later Kat Slater

Cell (prison) Flowery Dell

Central Heating Ronan Keating
Oia love, can you flick the Ronan on? I'm freezing my Jacksons off here!

Chair Tony Blair
Sit On Your Tony

Chair Fred Astaire
Chuck us over a Fred Astaire

Chair Lion's Lair

Chairs Owen Nares

Chalk Duke of York

Chancer Ballet Dancer
Cor he ain't half a Ballet Dancer

Chancer (someone not qualified) Bengal Lancer

Change Rifle Range

Chapel Pineapple

Charlie ( Coke ) Lemon Barley
I'm clukin for a line of the ol' Lemon.

Charlie (cocaine) Oats and Barley
On the oats.

Charlie (cocaine) Gianluca Vialli

Charlie (Cocaine) Andy Farley

Charlie (cocaine) Bob Marley
Any Bob Marly around?

Charlie (cocaine) Boutrous Boutrous Gali

Charlie (Cocaine) Saladore Dali

Charlie (cocaine) Salvador Dali

Charlie (coke) Oats's And Barley
Let's have a toot of ya Oats

Charmer Jeffrey Dahmer
He's quite a Jeffrey, your boyfriend

Chat Natter

Chat Frank and Pat
It was nice having this Frank and Pat

Chat Chew the fat

Chat Top Hat

Cheap Meryl streep
That car is well Meryl Streep

Cheek Once A Week

Cheese John Cleese

Cheese Bended Knees

Cheese Stand At Ease

Cheque Bushel and Peck
Goin' down the J Arfer to sausage a bushel (Going down the bank to cash a cheque)

Cheque Ant and Dec
I'll get the Ant n Dec in the post tonight mate

Cheque Kite

Cheque Goose's Neck

Cheque Gregory Peck

Cheque Nervous Wreck

Chest Bristol and West
Cor look at 'er Bristols

Chest Bird's Nest

Chest George Best

Child Wet and Wild
She's popped a wet and wild.

Child (kid) God Forbid

Child Molester Charlie Chester

Child Molester Uncle Fester
Keep away he's a Fester!

Chilly Uncle Billy

Chin Vera Lynn

Chin Dusty Bin

Chin Errol Flynn
Land one on his Errol.

Chin Harry Lin

Chips Jockey's Whips

Chips Jockies' Whips
Let's get a bag of jockies

Choice Rolls-Royce
Its your Rolls

Choker Bram Stoker
What a Bram Stoker.

Chuckle Belt buckle
You're 'avin a belt buckle!

Chum bubble gum
How you doin' Bubble Gum

Chum Fruit (Gum)
Alright me old Fruit?

Chunder (Be sick) Stevie Wonder
I can feel a Stevie coming on.

Church Left in the Lurch

Cider Knight Rider
Grab a bottle of Knight Rider too.

Cider Easy Rider

Cider Deep Sea Glider

Cider Sean Ryder
I'll 'ave a pint of Sean Ryder

Cider Winona Ryder

Cigar La-Di-Da

Cigar Lah-di-dah
Two pints of bitter and a Lahdi please.

Cigar Lar-Dee-Dar

Circle Angela Merkel
Going to the museums? Take the Angela Merkel and get orf at South Kensington.

Civilian Sampa Brazilian
Hey. No sweat, I`m only a Sampa, mate.

Clanger (mistake) Coat Hanger

Claret (blood) Boiled Beef and Carrots

Clink (jail) Kitchen Sink

Clock Tick-Tock

Cloud Turin Shroud
There isn't a Turin in the Apple Pie (sky) today.

Clown Gordon Brown
Can be used against any jokers, e.g My manager is a bit of a 'Gordon'

Clucking - When you are craving more heroin Donald Duck(ing)
Ee's got the Donalds really bad.

Clue Danny La Rue
You ain't got a Danny La Rue mate

Clue Didgeridoo
Sorry mate, haven't got a Didgeridoo.

Clue Pot of Glue

Clue Tube of Glue
I ain't gotta Tube a Glue

Clue Scooby Doo
'aven't got a Scooby mate

Clue Scooby Doo
You haven't got a Scooby Doo

Clutch Starsky and Hutch

Clutch Rabbit Hutch
I wouldn't buy that Jam Jar mate, the Rabbit's shot.

Coat Nanny Goat

Coat Billy Goat
Some one's Half Inched my Billy Goat!

Coat Weasel and Stoat
Cor it's taters, I must get me weasel!

Code A la Mode
We've got to talk a La Mode round by the dustbins.

Coffee Bill Roffie
Fancy a bill roffie mate?

Coffee Everton Toffee
Let's have an Everton

Coffee Molten Toffee
Fancy a nice cuppa Molten.

Coffee Sticky Toffee

Cold Taters in the Mould

Cold Taters in the Mould
Blimey it's Taters! Best put on me Weasel.

Cold Stevey Bould

Cold Potatoes in the Mould
Blimey it's taters!

Cold Boris The Bold

Cold Cheltenham Bold

Cold (derived from Potatoes in the Mould) Spuds
It's spuds tonight!

Collar Holler Boys Holler

Come Rattle and Hum

Computer Pistol and Shooter

Cook Rubber Duck

Cop Pork Chop
Lets run from the Pork Chop.

Cop (policeman) John Hop

Copper Space Hopper
There goes a Space Hopper.

Copper (policeman) Bottle and Stopper

Copper (policeman) Bottle and Stopper

Coppers (police) Joe Hoppers
The Joe Hoppers did a dawn raid.

Cops Cozzer's

Cork Duke of York

Corner Johnny Horner

Corner Little Jack Horner
Just around the Little Jack Horner!

Couch Kangaroo Pouch
Help me move my kangaroo.

Cough Darren Gough

Cough Vincent van Gogh

Couldn't give a Kate Moss mate Kate Moss

Cow Chairman Mao
Look at the udders on that Chairman!

Coward Frankie Howard
Anytime there's a Barney, he Scapas like a Frankie Howard

Crabs Dibs and Dabs
Last time I go wiv 'er, the filthy cow 'ad a touch of the Dibs and Dabs.

Crabs Andy McNabs
Don't take 'er 'ome - you'll get a right case of the Andy's

Crabs Jim Bob Babs
Bleeding Nora, I just caught a case of Jim Bobs!

Crabs Sandy McNabs
I've got the old Sandy McNabs

Crap Horse and Trap
I am going to have a Horse and Trap

Crash Pie and Mash
Just had a pie and mash in me car

Crash Sausage and Mash

Crazy Patrick Swayze
Your Patrick Swayze mate!

Crazy Gert and Daisy

Crazy Chicken Jalfrezi
He's Chicken Jalfrezi.

Crime Lemon Lime

Crime Lemon and Lime

Crook Joe Rook

Crook Babbling Brook

Crust You Must

Crutch Screaming Lord Sutch
'e kicked 'im right in the Screaming Lord Sutch

Crutch Double Dutch

Crutch Rabbit Hutch
I just got kicked in the Rabbit 'Utch

Cry Pipe Your Eye

Cup o' Tea Jack Dee
Jack Dee - 1 sugar, cheers, mate!

Cup of tea Jay-Z
Make me a Jay-Z

Cupboard Mother Hubbard

Cupboard Old Mother Hubbard

Curry Fred McMurray
Going for a Fred

Curry Bill Murray

Curry Al Murray

Curry Ruby Murray
Let's go for a few pints then a Ruby

Curtains Richard Burtons

Cycle George Michael
I'm George Michaeling to work today

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