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English to Slang letter B

Baboon Geoff Hoon
You're a right Geoff Hoon you are

Baby Basin of Gravy

Back Cadbury's Snack

Back Cilla Black
Gawd, me Cilla's playing up again!

Back Fleetwood Mac

Back Hammer and Tack

Back Hay Stack

Back Jumping Jack

Back Roof Rack

Back Union Jack

Bacon Godforsaken

Bad Alan Ladd
It's well Alan

Bad Shepherd's Plaid

Bad Sorry and Sad

Badger Dennis and Gnasher
Oh fiddlesticks! I just ran over a dennis!!

Ball Albert Hall
I got kicked in the Albert Halls

Balti Basil Fawlty

Banana Gertie Gitana

Banger Bernard Langher
Lovely plate of Bernard Langhers

Bank Cab Rank

Bank Fish tank

Bank Iron Tank

Bank J. Arthur Rank
Gawn down the J.Arthur to get a Monkey.

Bank Pedal and Crank
I'm going to the Pedal & Crank

Bank Tin Tank

Bank Tommy Tank

Bar Ringo Starr
Lets go for a few Britneys in the Ringo.

Bar (pub) Near and Far

Bar (pub) Jack Tar

Bar (pub) Bazaar

Barmy Dad's Army

Barmy Monty's Army
I'm Monty's Army over that Twist and Twirl.

Barmy Salvation Army
Gawd you gotta be Salvation Army.

Barrow Bow and Arrow

Bath Laugh

Battery Charm and Flattery
Yer Charm's gone flat, mate!

Battery Tony Slattery

Beak (magistrate) Bubble and Squeak

Beard Strange and Weird

Beast Bag of Yeast

Beating Unscheduled Meeting
Shut up or there would be an unscheduled meeting

Beaut (beauty) John Deut
Wot a John Duet

Beauty Tutti Frutti

Beaver Sigourney Weaver

Bed Skein of Thread

Bed Scratch Yer Head

Bed Uncle Ned
I'm <slang>Cream Crackered</slang>. I'm off to my Uncle Ned.

Bed Uncle Ted

Bed Born and Bred

Bed Fakey Ned
I'm off up the apples and pear to Fakey Ned.

Beef Itchy Teeth

Beef Stop Thief

Beer Richard Gere
I'm just going out for a couple of Richards.

Beer King Lear

Beer Pig's Ear

Beers Britney Spears
Let's go fer a few Britneys

Beers Ray Mears
I'm going down the pub for a few Ray Mears'

Beggar Ewan McGreggor

Beggar Ham and Egger

Beginner Lilley and Skinner

Belch Raquel Welch

Believe Christmas Eve

Believe Adam and Eve
Can you Adam and Eve it?

Bell Auntie Nell
Give us an Auntie Nell tomorra morning.

Bell Hair Gel

Belly New Delhi

Belly Matthew Kelly
"I've got a bit of Shania in me Matthew Kelly"

Belly Auntie Nellie

Belly Derby Kelly

Bench Judy Dench
Emile Hesky should stay on the Judy

Bent Duke of Kent
He's a Duke

Bent Clark Kent
He's a bit Clarke Kent

Bent Behind With the Rent
He's definately Behind with the Rent.

Bent (criminal) Stoke On Trent

Bent (homosexual) Fifty Cent
Your mate is fifty cent

Best Mae West

Bet Jumbo Jet

Bet House To Let

Beverage Edna Everage

Bevvy (drink) Don Revie
Are we going for a couple of Don Revies tonight

Bible Slander and Libel
Slander and Libel, I don't Adam and Eve it!

Biggun Barry McGuigan

Biggun Barry McGuigan
Don't give it the Barry McQuigan

Bigot Lester Piggot

Bike Clever Mike

Bike. Alibi Ike was a movie star. Alibi Ike

Bill Muswell Hill
Can I get the Muswell mate.

Bill (statement) Jimmy Hill

Bill (statement) Jack and Jill

Bill (statement) Beecham's Pill

Billie Piper Hyper
You're getting a bit Billie Piper

Bint Gilly Mint
You silly Gilly Mint.

Bint Polo Mint

Bird Richard the Third

Bird Shaken Not Stirred
Have a butchers at that shaken not stirred

Bird (Lime) Prison Time
'Es gawn down, doin' bird

Biryani Anita Rani

Bitter (beer) Apple Fritter
Pint of apple fritter darlin'.

Bitter (beer) Gary Glitter

Bitter beer. Tex Ritter
I'll have a pint of Tex

Blade Shovel and Spade
Got a spare Shovel? Gotta 'ave a Dig.

Blazer Razor

Blind Bacon Rind
Is the ref Bacon Rind or what?

Blind All Behind

Bloke Heap of Coke

Blood Roy Hudd
That'll stop the Toy Hudd for a while

Blotto (drunk) Santa's Grotto

Blower (phone) Lawn mower

Blower (telephone) Percy Thrower
Lend us ya Percy, I need to make a call.

Blower (telephone) Álvaro Arbeloa
Get that freezer on the Arbeloa, we need to talk

Boat Nanny Goat

Bob (shilling) Touch Me On the Knob

Bog Kermit the Frog
In the kermit, on the dog.

Bog Cat and Dog

Bog (toilet) Boss Hogg
Going to the Boss for an Eartha.

Bog (toilet) Spotty Dog
I just need to pop into the Spotty.

Boil Arthur Conan Doyle
Clive, get that kettle on the arfur!'

Boil Conan Doyle

Boil Can of Oil

Boil Paraffin Oil
I've got a Paraffin on me Isa

bolt/runawy Harry Holt
He's done the Harry Holt

Bomb Derry and Tom

Bones Sticks and Stones

Bones Tom Jones

Bong Ding Dong
Give us a puff of the ding dong

Boobies Red Red Rubies
"Hey, Red , Reds!" - when you see a nice pair!

Book Caption Cook

Book Fish Hook

Book Joe Hook

Bookie Cream Cookie

Bookie Biscuit and Cookie

Boots Bamboo Shoots
As any one seen my Bamboo's?

Boots Daisy Roots

Booze Penelope Cruz

Booze River Ouse

Booze Tom Cruise

Booze Tom Cruise
Got any tom cruise?

Boozer German Cruiser
Lets go down the German

Boozer Cabin Cruiser
Went down to the Cabin Cruiser to watch the match.

Boozer Arethusa

Boozer Battle Cruiser
Let's go dahn the Battle Cruiser

Boozer (pub) All Time Loser

Boozer (pub) Perpetual (Loser)
Oh gawd 'e's a right perpetual loser

Boss Pitch and Toss

Boss Dead Loss
My Dead Loss is threatening me with the Tin Tack

Bottle Aristotle

Bottle Jerry Cottle

Bouncing Cheque (Bouncing Gregory Peck) Rubber Gregory

Bowler Bottle of Cola

Box Darky Cox

Boy Rob Roy

Boy San Toy

Bra Tung Chee Hwa

Bra Master Mcgrath

Braces Airs and Graces

Brain Watch and Chain
Don't mind 'im, 'is watch is a bit slow

Brains Down the Drains

Brake Veronica Lake
Hit the Veronica, you slag !

Brandy Andy Pandy
We drank 4 bottles of Andy Pandy in the bar.

Brandy Fine and Dandy

Brandy Jack the Dandy

Bread Uncle Fred

Bread Right Said Fred
I'll have two slices of Right Said Fred.

Bread and dripping Doctor Crippen

Breasts Georgie Bests

Breath King Death

Breath Life and Death
Ooh, that hill! I'm almost out of Life and Death

Broke (financially bereft) Hearts of Oak

Broke (financially bereft) Coals and Coke

Brokers Engineers and Stokers

Brother Manhole Cover

Brother One and t'Other

Bruise Tom cruise
Hell of a Tom Cruise you got there.

Brush Ian Rush

Bucket Mrs Duckett

Bum Kingdom Come

Bum Queen Mum

Bum Fife and Drum

Bum Deaf and Dumb

Bum Bottle of Rum
Nice Bottle Of Rum.

Bum Wrigley's Gum
She deserves a slap on the Wrigley's

Bunion Spanish Onion

Bunion Sage and onion

Bunk (bed) Pineapple Chunk

Burger King Itchy Ring
I right fancy an Itchy Ring

Burp Wyatt Earp
Gawd, Didn't I let this great big Wyatt out

Burst (urinate) Geoff Hurst

Bus Uncle Gus
Let's catch the Uncle Gus.

Bust Princes Trust
Look at the Prince's on her

Butter Calcutta
Pass the Calcutta over here would ya please?

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