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English to Slang letter A

AIDS Buckets and Spades

All dayer (all day drinking session) Gary Player

All dayer (all day drinking session) Leo Sayer

All nighter Jet Fighter
We're going on a Jet Fighter

Alone Jack Jones
I've bin sat 'ere all on me Jack Jones

Alone Jack Jones
I've been on me Jack Jones all day.

Alone Pat Malone

Alone Toblerone
I've been sitting here for hours on my Tobler.

Alone Todd Sloan
I'm all on me Todd.

Antiseptic (Anti American) Germolene
I ain't Germolene, but Bush gives me the ravin' 'ump.

Appendix Jimi Hendrix
I just 'ad mi Jimi Hendrix taken out.

Apple Sistine Chapel
That Sistine looks Obie Trice.

Aris (arse) April in Paris
I'll kick your April

Arm Chalk Farm
'E's got one of 'is Chalk Farms in a sling.

Army Daft and Barmy

Army Kate Carney

Arse Khyber Pass
Sat on a nail, didn't I? Went right up me Khyber Pass!

Arse Hagen Daas

Arse April in Paris
That bloke's a right pain in the April!

Arse Aris
Up yer Aris!

Arse Blade of Grass
Get your Blade over 'ere.

Arse Bottle and Glass

Arse Myleene Klass
What a Myleene!

Aunt Mrs Chant

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