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This lorem ipsum is generated from a random selection of our best, crowdsourced cockney slang, collected and curated since 1998.

He who dares, wins! Speckled Hen? Les Dennis means tennis. Lor’ luv a duck! Lost and Found? Duke of Kent means bent! During the war … Bish Bash Bosh? Punch n Judy means moody? Struth! I’ll have two poached woodens and a slice of holy with a nice mug of Rosie Lee!

You know it makes sense. Ali McGraw! Inky Smudge? Raining cats and dogs it was. Captain Kirk! Wormwood Scrubs means pub? As the actress said to the bishop. Barry Cluff. Andrew Marr! Lawd above! Daniel Fergus (McGrain)!

Oh my lord! Cinderella. Trouble and Strife! Struth! I’m goin gettig an Andy McNab home! Brendan Grace? You know it makes sense. Euan Blair? Dental Flosser means tosser? Cushti. Stewart Granger!