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Ain't that the Babe. Ain't It A Treat. She's definitely in the River Nile. Alan Minter. It's well Alan. Kiki Dee. Shut that Ronald de Boer . Two and Six. I'm going to burst if I don't go for a Barry…. Jellied Eel. Would join you, but I'm Jackie Flint. Stevie Wonder. Give us a Butcher's at your paper mate. Jockies' Whips. I'm going down the pub for a few Ray Mears'.

Awight me old Bacardi. April Fool. It was nice having this Frank and Pat. Rosie Lee. Didn't you know Julie's a Chicken Dipper now? Auntie Nell. I'm Kirk mate. Duke of York. Get up those Dancing Bears right now! No hope. Got any Inspector? Alan Knott. Here she goes with her Zeta Jones. Life and Death. I'm gonna get Benny'd up. Matthew Kelly. Reported came from Army in France in WWI.

Alright my old Empire! Jeremy Beadle. Who's are those Rug Rats causing all the noise? Smash and grab. Meet me at Euan Blair. Lee Van Cleef. Pass me the Street Fighter will you? Zachary Scotts. Let's head for Lisa Tarbucks! Duke of York. We've got to talk a La Mode round by the dustbins. Lauren Riddle. He's left a huge Amber Heard in the khazi! Fawlty Tower. Who's that on the Dog and Bone then?

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