Cockney counting sheep
Cockney counting

Got this email from Chris Hughes about Cockney counting. It’s a new one on me. Anybody else used to use this Cockney counting method for dominoes or any other purpose? Let us know.

Chris Hughes writes:

I was born in Hammersmith in 1953 and brought up in South London. These are 1 to 10 as I use them when playing dominoes with me mates. We only use first name.

  1. Herbert (Lom)
  2. Loobie (Lou)
  3. Bruce (Lee)
  4. Martin (Dawe)
  5. Man (Alive)
  6. Brian (Rix)
  7. Ernie (Bevan)
  8. Garden (Gate)
  9. Calvin (Klein)
  10. Tony (Benn)

Blank. Ann (Frank).

A double of any of the above is a Barney (Rubble).

When unable to lay a bone we say “Joseph” from Joseph Lock. To knock.

I suspect a foreigner looking at us playing would be mystified even if they know how to play the game!

Two men playing dominoes