It’s official me old mates. The Cockney accent (as if we needed tellin’) is one of the sexiest accents there is. On men, anyway.

A cockney market trader
A cockney market trader

A recent survey found the most sexiest accents are:

Sexiest British accents for men

  1. Irish
  2. Scottish
  3. West Country
  4. Cockney
  5. Oxford / Posh

But unfortunately for the twist and twirls, a cockney accent doesn’t seem to make the bloke’s strawberry tarts beat any faster.

Sexiest British accents for women

  1. Oxford / Posh
  2. Scottish
  3. Welsh
  4. Liverpudlian
  5. Irish

They also found that the least sexy bloke’s accent was Manc, Brum and Essex Boy.

And for women, the least sexy accents were Brum, Essex Girl and West Country (ooh aahhr).

So the moral of the story is: if you want to pull a bloke, and you’re a cockney lass, keep your north and south firmly shut.

On the other hand if you’re a cockney bloke, keep flapping your gums and the birds will come a-running!