Advertisers just love using cockney accents to flog their gear. Maybe it’s cos the original cockneys were the market traders, barrow boys and costermongers of the East London marketplace – they had to push their wares or starve!

Anyway, whatever the reason, here’s a compilation of our top 10 favourite adverts featuring our beloved cockney accent. See how many of these you can remember:

Heineken: The water in Majorca.

Posh Chelsea bird learns how to speak proper:

Mattesons’s Fridge Raiders: for when you’re Hank Marvin

We love this ad, makes us chuckle. Not sure about the product though.

Three classic Courage Best ads from Chas and Dave

These ads actually made Chas and Dave famous and also helped shift an ocean of best bitter.

Arthur Daley is laughing all the way to the Leeds

Remember this one?

Two Lorraine Chase Campari classics

Were you truly wafted in from paradise? No, Luton Airport!!

Ray Winstone demands respect

Ray Winstone wants a bag of crisps with his lager

Ray Winstone fancies a flutter

Jamie Oliver reckons he’s the world’s number one ping-pong player