Have you read the Call the Midwife books by Jenny Worth?

They’re a superb account of life in the East End of London in the 1950s told from a point of view not normally heard – that of a jobbing midwife attached to a nunnery in the East End. A time characterised by the word “tough”. Tough people, tough lives. Tuberculosis, prostitution, poverty and damp. Not to mention the Kray twins.

Full of Cockney banter and interesting phraseology these books are of interest to anybody who wants to get a flavour of the sharp end of life in ’50s London. There’s even a kind of dictionary of Cockney phrases included at the end.

Jenny Lee is a midwife and nurse attached to a nunnery in Whitechapel. Worth actually worked there as a  young woman. Well worth reading for a slice of lost London life.