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Ronnie Barker - Cockney Rhyming Slang Sermon from The Two Ronnies

Here's the peerless Ronnie Barker delivering a sermon in Cockney Rhyming Slang from The Two Ronnies. How he manages to keep that poker face going throughout we'll never know.

Here are some of the phrases he uses:

Cape of Good Hope Soap
Stand at Ease Cheese
Khyber Pass Arse
Cain and Able Table
Hampstead Heath Teeth
Trouble and Strife Wife
Bricks and Mortar Daughter
Tea Leaf Thief
Bees and Honey Money
Burton on Trent Rent
Half Inch Pinch
Ball of Chalk Walk
Cherry Ripe Pipe
Almond Rocks Socks
Dicky Dirt Shirt
Frog and Toad Road
How d'ya Dos Shoes
Westminster Abbey Shabby
Bushel and Peck Neck
Two Thirty Dirty
Pen and Ink Stink
North and South Mouth
Mince Pies Eyes
I Suppose Nose
Saucepan Lid Kid
Uncle Fred Bread
Early Doors Drawers
George Raft Draft
Rubber Dub Pub
Tumble Down the Sink Drink
Elephant's Trunk Drunk
Mozart (and Liszt) Pissed
Bird Lime Time
Cat and Mouse House
Stewed Prune Tune
Richard the Third Bird!
Plates of Meat Feet
Four by Two Jew
Sky Rocket Pocket
Lady Godiva Fiver
Froth and Bubble Trouble
Lionel Blair Stair
Bottle and Glass Arse

Thank you to "Leo" for helping us out by pointing out some of the slang we had missed. šŸ˜

Date: 17-Jan-2016
Categories: Comedy tv

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