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[caption id="attachment_160" align="aligncenter" width="960"]Cockney Money Slang Cockney Money Slang[/caption]Evidence of a much wider variety of Cockney slang for money is reaching us. For example David Campbell writes:"In the 50's, we had a lodger who came from the East End, and was very well versed in things cockney. I asked him about money, amongst other things, and remember a marigold being a 3d, a Joey being 4d, a deener, a sprat,(I think 6d), a bob, 1 shilling. I think a half-crown was a tosheroon."And Lee explains the derivation of "Monkey" meaning 500 "a monkey was on the old 500 rupee note back in the raj".And Guy Westbrook writes: "Legem Pone - payment of money, cash down," 1573, from first two words of the fifth division (HE) of Psalm 119, which begins the psalms at Matins on the 25th of the month; consequently associated with March 25, a quarter day in the old financial calendar, when payments and debts came due.(Legem pone mihi Domine viam iustificationum tuarum: et exquiram eam semper.) everyone.
Date: 7-Oct-2009

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