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BlimeyStrewth writes:
1/2Lamb (and calf)
£1£Lost (and won)
£2£Bottle (of glue)
£3£Holy (see)
£4£Stand (in awe)
£5£Scuba (dive)
£6£Fiddle (-sticks)
£7£Exeter (in devon)
£8£Fartoo (late; another explanation is that "far" is supposed to be "four" and "too" is supposed to be two - four times two is eight. But I believe it's rather the first explanation)
9£Coal (mine)
10Foxes (den)
11Hell (and heaven)
12Deep (delve)
13Hurt (and be mean)
14(Sortin) letters
20Mussels (aplenty)
60Styx tea (??)
70Heaven Tea (??)
90God (almighty)
100Milou (and tintin; or tenten, i.e. ten times ten) 1000 - (louse and) flee
Date: 10-Jan-2010

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