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How to Remember Cockney Money Slang

Cockney slang for money isn't always easy to remember. Is a Pony £25 or £50? What's a Bullseye? Is a Monkey £200 or £500? Anyway, here's a poem that'll help you to learn Cockney money slang. And this is only the tip of the iceberg! We have a complete dictionary of London money slang.A Cockney knows all about moneyCos its what make his world go aroundBut he doesn't say money, he says Bees and HoneyWhen talking about pennies and pounds
A pound in the Smoke is a NickerA hundred of them make a tonAnd what rhymes with Nicker but old Alan WhickerAnd that's just the start of the funNext we have Lady GodivaThat's a fiver to you and to meThree fivers add up to a CommodoreCos that's three times a Lady you see?A tenner is known as a CockleAnd that comes from Cockerel and HenA score is two tenners, or two Ayrton SennasBy the way can you give us a lend?A ten and three fives make a PonyOr twenty-five quid to be plainThat's just about right to go out Friday nightAnd on Saturday come home againFive times a ton is a MonkeyFive hundred quid right on the buttonDon't ask me to lend it, I don't recommend itWhen asked for a loan I go MuttonTwo Monkeys add up to a grandOne thousand of our English poundsA nice wodge of cash (known as Bangers and Mash)Though not quite as grand as it soundsBut that isn't all there is to itThere are many more rhymes to be learnedThough one thing that's funny when it comes to moneyIt's spent just as soon as it's earned
Date: 21-May-2014

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