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"The water in Majorca
Don't taste like what it
Ought to"

In a turnaround pastiche of My Fair Lady, a Cockney tries to teach a "Sloane Ranger" how to speak proper. 

Accent: terrible. 

"Heineken refreshes the parts wot other beers cannot reach". 

Paul Whitehouse and Harry Enfield reprise their "Oi, No!" characters in this ad for Hula Hoops. 



Chas and Dave were at the top of their game when they were asked to write a song for Courage Best. 


"They oughta have a pint on exhibition in the Tate"

Chas and Dave reprise their "Rabbit" song for Courage. 

Chas and Dave reprise their "Sideboard Song" for this ad for Courage Best. 

Date: 3-Jan-2021
Categories: tv ads

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