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[caption id="attachment_271" align="aligncenter" width="1000"]Australian rhyming slang The Aussie flag[/caption]We get a lot of interest from Down Under in our rhyming slang. Maybe it's because in the land of Fosters and XXXX they have their own rhyming slang. Some say that we exported our slang to Oz when we exported our criminals to the penal colonies. A very plausible theory I guess.Australian colonisation posterAnyway Jo from Oz, recently wrote in with this:"Hi, whilst on a recent trip to UK I displayed my knowledge of rhyming slang and got laughted out of the pub with "ducks and geese".... "police".... clearly I have heard this somewhere - any ideas???PS. I'm an Aussie!!"Well Jo we believe your mistake is an easy one to make because Ducks and Geese is AUSTRALIAN rhyming slang, not Cockney Rhyming Slang. Now, there are many overlaps but the Aussie slang is its own lingo.Here's a good list of basic Australian Rhyming Slang.
Date: 12-Oct-2009

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